The Villainess doesn’t need a new husband

What in the world is going on? “The person who will become your groom is already dead.” I was seized by a nasty girl’s body. It was so unjust that I happened to be in the middle of when my future spouse died absurdly.

All I have is a stunning body and a mountain of debt! No, my late groom was not wealthy? “What should I do in order to live comfortably as a wicked girl?” “How about an iced Americano?” “How about a hot bath?” “I should live my life like this!”


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I attempted to make a shambles of it so that no one could approach me.… “If you want, I’ll get you out of here for a little while.”

“If you leave your seat and….” “It’s just that one of the more rumors surrounding us is going to happen.” A man suddenly appeared in front of me. “I want to hire you. Be my fake mistress.”

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