YouTuber with 40 different personalities fights to be euthanised

A French YouTuber , Olympe, 23years, who suffers from multiple personality disorder is trying to terminate her life at a euthanasia clinic. The 23-year-old, recently disclosed to viewers about her mental health issues that she was “in contact with doctors” in Belgium, where assisted suicide is legal.

The YouTuber who suffers from dissociative identity disorder, a condition formed by trauma, reportedly lives with about 40 distinct personalities and initially revealed in her Instagram post, “In the last quarter of 2023 I will have recourse to assisted suicide in Belgium.


“I am already in contact with the doctors.”

She added: “It’s not a debate. It’s my life. It’s a decision that I made which was difficult to take.”

Olympe is said could no longer manage the burden alone. She said that these included sexual abuse and moving between various foster homes. 

YouTuber with 40 different personalities

However, a Belgian doctor, Yves de Locht, who was been approached by Olympe for euthanasia, said clinics were not “euthanasia dispensers”, and that the process can take many months or even years to enable any body access assisted suicide services.

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He debunked rumors that talks had been fruitful in an interview with Le Parisien. He said that the process could take months or years, and said that Belgium was tired of being coloured as a “death ward” for France, where assisted suicide is illegal.

“I haven’t seen her medical dossier but I’ve read her emails. She wants to meet me.

“We do not refuse to meet (people like her) but we explain to them that the process can last months or even years.

“This young woman has announced the end of her life at the end of the year. This date certainly doesn’t come from me. I need much more information before envisaging meeting her.”

Doctor Yves de Locht said

Euthanasia – withdrawing or with-holding life-preserving treatments – is legal in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and Spain.

Assisted suicide – allowing the patient the means to end their own life – is an illegal act across most of Europe. While Switzerland permits assisted suicide, active euthanasia is not legal.

This follows the controversial death of another 23-year-old suffering with mental health issues who chose to end her life in Belgium last year.

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Shanti De Corte, also 23, chose to end her life in Belgium last year, citing unbearable mental distress.

YouTuber with 40 different personalities
Shanti De Corte

Corte suffered trauma as a witness of the ISIS attack on Brussels Airport in 2016. After pursuing psychiatric treatment and medication, she chose to end her life in May 2022. A neurologist later said the decision was premature, with options not yet fully explored, but claimed he was overruled by the woman’s mother. 

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