Pablo Escobar quotes that became immortalized by the most well-known drug dealer

Pablo Escobar Gaviria  was one of the most famous drug traffickers in history, and despite the fact that he died in 1993, his story continues to create excitement.

The controversial life and particular personality of the top leader of the Medellin cartel , Colombia, Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria , were recorded in the successful series  “El Patrón del Mal”  and  “Narcos” .


Famous phrases of Pablo Escobar

There are sayings and phrases that define it completely and that became popular with the series:

  • “He messes with me and I kill the puppy, the cat, the parents and if the grandmother is already dead, I dig her up and kill her again”
  • “To the dog that has money, it is said: Mr. Dog”
  • “With me, the only thing you are going to get your hands dirty is to count money”
  • “There is no company in Colombia that takes more dollars from the United States than we drug traffickers”
  • “The Americans can build the walls they want, but the cocaine will reach them there”
His criminal career began with the purchase of stolen goods and small-scale smuggling, until he entered the marijuana trade and, finally, cocaine
Photo: Caracol
  • “My back is not a voice mail. Whatever you want to say to me, do it to my face, please.”
  • “There can only be one king”
  • “There are three ways of doing things: good, bad and how I do them”
Pablo Escobar he was the leader of the Medellín cartel in Colombia and one of the richest criminals in history
Photo: Dw
  • “All empires are created with blood and fire”
  • “Everything dangerous turns to silver”
  • “There is no point in continuing to make the rich richer”
The facade of the Monaco building, symbol of the power and ostentation of Pablo Escobar, which has already been demolished
Photo: La Prensa
  • “They observe you, they criticize you, they envy you and in the end they imitate you”
  • “God rules in heaven, I rule in Colombia”
  • “Sometimes I am God, if I say that a man dies, he dies the same day”
He turned himself in to justice in his country on June 19, 1991. But 405 days later, on July 22, 1992, he escaped from the prison that he himself had built
Photo: El Universo
  • “Friends are those who see you crying and say: Who are we killing?
  • “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”
  • “Well, if half the world wants to kill me, we hire the other half the world to defend me”
Pablo Escobar was murdered in 1993
Photo: The universe
  • “Like the politicians we have in Colombia, being a bandit is an honor”
  • “The day you do something bad, do it well done, don’t be such an asshole that you get caught”
  • “Silver or lead”
  • “Depending on the rat, the poison is put in the bait”

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