Rapper Biglo Cause of Death, Obituary

Biglo, a well-known musician from Nigeria, passed away after suffering from kidney disease.

Jazzman Olofin, a friend and coworker of the rapper, confirmed his passing to The PUNCH over the phone on Christmas day.


It is true that Biglo is dead, Olofin remarked. He had, as far as I knew, been ill for some time. Kidney disease has been a struggle for him. He had been updating his social media accounts to inform the world for some time.

He passed away on Friday, which was Christmas Day, according to a call I received last night from friends we had in common in America. Unfortunately, I am unsure of his age.

Before his death, the veteran rapper made public his kidney ailment in 2018.

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He started a Gofundme page where he asked for donations from the public. Since it was discovered, he claims that it has forced him to undergo dialysis three times per week.

Biglo described how his life had turned upside down since he was diagnosed with kidney failure; as a result of his poor health, he had lost his job, his car, and even his home. He pleaded with everyone to contribute financially so he could travel to India for a kidney transplant.

The rap artiste was known in the early 2000s for his collaboration with 2shotz and StylPlus.

Biglo Cause of Death

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