Robert Parker ATV Accident: Tributes pour in as mud rider dies aged 38

Robert Parker, a dirt-bike rider from North Carolina, died on March 15 in a horrific accident. The riding enthusiast was on a four-wheeler when an all-terrain vehicle rolled over him, killing him. The riding community was frightened, and online users turned to social media to honor him and offer condolences to his family.


On Wednesday at around 4:44 pm, the Harnett County Communications Center received a 911 emergency call. It was unclear whether Robert Parker was still alive when EMS and fire services were called to an ATV accident. CPR was started at the scene in an effort to save the mud rider.

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Robert Parker was severely injured when the vehicle rolled on top of him. A medical helicopter arrived at the scene to transfer him to a hospital. Sadly, he passed away before boarding the flight that would take him to the trauma center.


Robert Parker was 38 years old at the time of his death. His wife, Casey, issued a statement mourning the loss of her husband. She said:

“Today I lost my best friend and the best dad to my kids! Please pray for me, our kids, our family, and our friends as we face this impossible task of saying goodbye.”

Robert Parker is survived by his three adorable kids, Carleigh, Nathan, and Sawyer, who are 18, 13, and 10 years old respectively.


Fans mourn the death of Robert Parker

Team 904 took to their official social media account to share the news of Parker’s death. Remembering his well-spent life, they said:

“Robert was a one of a kind person. He was a light on this world. A man who would not only give you the shirt off his back but the shoes off his feet too! Please pray for the Parker family and the Fulcher family! We would surely appreciate it!”

In an interview, the mud rider’s brother-in-law also said that Parker was a devoted Christian who tried his best to encourage kids to participate in sports by teaching them and leading Team Momentum Racing.

Other condolence messages from social media:

Robert Parker ATV Accident
Robert Parker ATV Accident





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