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Top 14 Countries With The Highest Online Slots Usage

Online slots have taken the world by storm, revolutionizing the gambling industry and offering thrilling entertainment to players worldwide. With the convenience of accessing virtual casinos from the comfort of one’s home, online slots have gained immense popularity.


Some countries have placed restrictions on online gambling, whilst others embrace it, consistently introducing innovations to the industry.

While land-based casinos remain popular, the popularity of online slots is declining as internet casinos gain traction. This phenomenon is not limited to a single place; it is a global phenomenon, yet the appeal of gambling is also influenced by local regulations.

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The Largest Online Gambling Markets

In this blog post, we will explore the top 10 countries with the highest online slot usage, showcasing the global appeal of this captivating gaming genre.

List of Countries With The Highest Online Slots Usage

  • 1. United Kingdom
  • 2. United States
  • 3. Germany
  • 4. Canada
  • 5. Sweden
  • 6. Norway
  • 7. Finland
  • 8. Australia
  • 9. Netherlands
  • 10. Japan
  • 11. Spain
  • 12. India
  • 13. France
  • 14. Italy

Top Countries With The Highest Online Slots Usage

1. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom boasts a strong online gambling culture, making it a frontrunner in online slots usage. With a regulated market and a wide variety of licensed online casinos, British players enjoy a vast selection of slots, attractive promotions, and a favorable gaming environment.

Consequently, citizens enjoy the freedom to gamble without exposing themselves to undue risks. The United Kingdom sets an excellent standard for other countries considering the legalisation of online gambling.

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2. United States

Despite the complexities surrounding online gambling regulations in the United States, online slots have gained significant traction. Several states, such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Nevada, have legalized online gambling, allowing Americans to indulge in their favorite slot games.

Considering the current developments, the United States cannot be overlooked, as it accounts for 70% of the global online player base. Although Las Vegas, the most famous gambling destination in the world, has posed challenges in the country, restrictions have gradually diminished over the years.

US citizens now spend over $35.5 billion (₦16,407.04 billion) annually on online gambling. With more states legalising online betting, the US is expected to claim the number one spot in the near future.

3. Germany

Germany is known for its enthusiastic gambling community, and online slots have captured the interest of German players. Although the legal landscape for online gambling in Germany has undergone changes recently, the popularity of online slots remains unaffected.

With a penchant for gambling, a considerable share of that income finds its way to online casinos. It is estimated that Germans spend nearly €5.7 billion (₦2,838 billion) on gambling annually. However, Germany has strict laws governing online betting, fostering a culture of responsible play.

4. Canada

Canadians have embraced online slots, contributing to the country’s thriving iGaming industry. With a vast selection of online casinos catering to Canadian players, the availability of diverse slot games and enticing bonuses has led to a surge in online slots usage.

Approximately 75% of Canadian citizens engage in online gambling, with many avid players dedicating a significant amount of time to betting online.

Statistics indicate that the average Canadian spends around C$570 per year (₦197,283) on online gambling, making it a favorite recreational activity. Additionally, numerous online casinos operating in Canada are licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

5. Sweden

Sweden is renowned for its progressive stance on online gambling. The country’s well-regulated market has created a conducive environment for online slots to flourish. Swedish players enjoy a wide range of slot titles from renowned software providers, coupled with secure and fair gaming practices.

6. Norway

Norwegian players have shown a strong affinity for online slots, despite the strict regulations surrounding online gambling. Many Norwegians opt for international online casinos to access a broader selection of slot games and exciting features.

7. Finland

Finland’s online slots usage is on the rise, driven by the country’s gambling culture and technological advancements.

The Finnish government’s focus on responsible gambling ensures a safe and regulated online gaming experience, attracting both casual players and dedicated enthusiasts.

8. Australia

Online slots have gained immense popularity among Australian players, who have a penchant for gambling activities. Although strict regulations limit the offerings of domestic online casinos, Australians can access a plethora of international platforms to satisfy their slot cravings.

An estimated 80% of Australia’s 25 million citizens gamble online. Moreover, Australians hold the record for the highest spending and losses per person among the countries on this list.

On average, an Australian loses around AU$1,288 (₦312,303) per year whilst playing online. The prevalence of online gambling in Australia has even prompted national banks to increase their interest rates.

9. Netherlands

The Netherlands has seen a surge in online slots usage with the recent regulation of the online gambling market. Dutch players now have access to licensed and regulated online casinos, offering a wide range of captivating slot games.

Whilst online gambling is legal and tax-free, New Zealanders are only allowed to play at overseas-operated casinos.

However, recent studies have shown a significant increase in searches related to “online gambling” in New Zealand over the past four years. Despite its relatively small population of 5.1 million, New Zealand has emerged as a remarkable online casino market.

10. Japan

Unlike many Asian nations with strict betting bans, Japan stands out as an oasis of gambling entertainment in the Far East. The country regulates the industry meticulously, ensuring that online casinos adhere to the highest safety standards.

Astonishingly, Japanese gamblers spend over $18.6 billion (₦3,974.66 billion) online each year, demonstrating their genuine enthusiasm for this form of entertainment.

11. Spain

Spain legalized online gambling in 2011 and has never looked back. The average Spanish gambler spends approximately €418 per year (₦208,042) on online casino games.

Contrary to popular belief, slots are not the population’s first choice; sports betting holds that distinction. Still, slots make up for a significant portion, explaining Spain’s number 5 spot in our list of the top 10 countries with the highest online slots usage.

12. India

India’s growing middle class, coupled with increased internet penetration and smartphone usage, has fueled the popularity of online slots.

The Indian market has witnessed the emergence of numerous online casinos catering to the preferences of local players, contributing to the country’s vibrant online slots scene.

13. France

France, the presumed birthplace of popular casino games like Blackjack and Roulette, has a natural affinity for gambling.

Since the legalisation of online betting in 2010 through the French Gambling Act, millions of French citizens have flocked to online casinos. Table games, in particular, remain at the top of their preferences.

14. Italy

Despite (underground) gambling has had a negative association with organised crime in the past, perceptions have changed in recent years. As of today, 80% of Italians gamble, with a significant portion playing online, especially online slots and online poker.

Italy has a rich gambling history, being home to the world’s first casino, which opened in Venice in 1638.

No list of top gambling countries would be complete without mentioning Italy.


Online slots have transformed the gambling landscape, captivating players across the globe. From the established iGaming markets of the United Kingdom and the United States to the emerging markets of India and the Netherlands, the love for online slots transcends geographical boundaries.

As the industry continues to innovate and cater to diverse player preferences, online slots usage will undoubtedly continue to thrive worldwide, providing exhilarating entertainment and the opportunity for significant winnings.

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