Who killed Notti Osama? Who Is Notti Osama Murderer?

A youngster in Manhattan’s Washington Heights neighborhood savagely stabbed Ethan Reyes, a budding drill rapper from Yonkers known as Notti Osama.

According to the post, Reyes and his 15-year-old claimed assailant had a fight that spilled over into the subway station, where Reyes shoved his alleged attacker into the tracks before being fatally stabbed.


Only two weeks before his death, Osama released the music video for his new single “Without You.”

Reyes’ Yonkers neighborhood has erected a tribute to the late young rapper at 140th and Broadway.

Criminal possession of a lethal weapon and second-degree murder are the accusations leveled against his 15-year-old attacker.

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Who killed Notti Osama?

Notti Osama was killed by 15 year old Kelvin Martinez. Kelvin Martinez stabbed Osama on a Harlem subway platform on Saturday at 3 PM.

Who killed Notti Osama

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