Watch Lil Kelpy Fight Unedited Video, Photo

Following an altercation between guests Lil Kelpy and Almighty Suspect, the well-known No Jumper podcast has experienced tremendous social media growth. Rappers are on the rise, and the combo is generating negative media attention. Since then, internet users have used social media to generate memes about their most recent dua.


Watch Lil Kelpy Fight Unedited

Lil Kelpy Fight Unedited Photo

Watch Lil Kelpy Fight Unedited

According to the episode’s description on YouTube, Lil Kelpy wanted a chance to explain his side of the story after his recent episode with fellow No Jumper presenter Sharp. The show’s host, Adam John Grandmaison, also known online as Adam22, wanted to do this after the episode.

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In the opening remarks of the show, Adam highlighted Lil Kelpy’s history and the interview the latter had with a media outlet. The former also brought up the subject of the police raid on Kelpy’s home. Later, Adam questioned Almighty Suspect about whether the latter was offended by Lil Kelpy’s prior interview attire, which included a fur coat. Adam also said that it appeared to be a “costume.”

The conversation between Almighty Suspect and Lil Kelpy was quick to get heated after the duo continued to throw jabs at each other. At one point, Almighty Suspect questioned Kelpy:

“Who are you? No one knows you!”

Kelpy responded to the same by saying- “Ben Franklin knows who the f**k I am, b***h.”

Following this, Almighty Suspect ended up landing multiple punches on Lil Kelpy. The duo were involved in a fight until the two broke apart.

A video of the fight was posted on No Jumper’s official Instagram account as well. It had amassed 11.1 million views at the time of writing this article.

Almighty Suspect Addressed the Fight on his Social Media

Almighty suspect has now opened up about the fight on his Instagram. He wrote in one of his stories, “I never proclaimed to be a superthug and I never had intentions on putting my hands on that kid, but we [are] not doing the calling me a b**** to my face interview or don’t play with me like that.”

“Ima bully for whooping a ni**** a who called me a b**** but I woulda been a hoe if I let em call me a b**** a didn’t do nun Tho (shrug emoji),” read another one of his stories. Kelpy has not yet reacted to the whole incident.

While Almighty is known for his tracks GetWorked, PayForMyPresence and Basic, Lil Kelpy is a new name in the rap scene. The 19 year old is a rapper from Orange County, California, who has released a few tracks on SoundCloud and Apple Music. Some of his songs include How To Run Game and Class Is Now In Session.

Watch Lil Kelpy Fight Unedited

Kelpy is also known for his social media presence. Before his interview on No Jumper, he had appeared on another YouTube show titled Soft White Underbelly. The rapper has also released some of his work on the video-sharing platform, where he currently has over a thousand subscribers.

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