Shocking! Check out these 5 sexual rituals in Africa

Africa, the world’s second-largest and second-most populous continent, after Asia in both aspects. It is filled with so many of interesting, fascinating and sometimes unimaginable happenings that one’s mind cannot farthom. Where customs like Female Genital Mutilation in Ghana are no longer as common as they used to be, certain rituals have refused to fade away. In same vein, practices such as the killing of twins in Nigeria are no longer as common as they used to be.


Here are five (5) sexual rituals in Africa that are still practised in Africa

This is locally referred to as Umhlanga. Virginity testing is a very common ritual in South Africa, especially among the Zulu ethnic group . They reside mainly in KwaZulu Natal province.

Virgity testing locally referred to as Umhlanga

They carry out the testing in an isolated room using their bare hands. The girl to be tested is laid on her back with her legs wide open. The tester then opens her vagina with both hands and inspects it deeply to see if the girl’s hymen is intact. If it is still unbroken, she is given a virginity certificate.

sexual rituals in Africa
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This is another famous ritual been practised in rural areas of Malawi, Zambia, Kenya, and other African countries. It is locally referred to as “Kusasa Fumbi,” it involves a woman having unprotected sex with a man called a “hyena.”

sexual rituals in Africa

This person could be anybody such as: a professional male sex worker, a selected future husband, a widow’s brother-in-law or someone paid by the woman’s family. This act is carried out on three separate occasions – when a girl gets her first menstrual period, when a married woman loses her husband, or after an abortion. This traditional is believed to help girls become good wives.

The Potency Test is another common tradition observed by the Banyankole tribe in Uganda – a practice similar to the virginity test. This one is carried out on the male. As weird as this may look, the aunt of the bride is used to confirm the potency of the husband to be by actually having sex with him. The bride and groom are will be allowed to consummate their marriage if he passes the test.

The test might also include the aunts watching or listening as the newlyweds have sexual intercourse.

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sexual rituals in Africa
Wife stealing ritual

Wife stealing is an annual ritual practised by the Wodaabe tribe (a subgroup of the Fulani ethnic group). This tradition allows for women to have as many husbands as they wish. They are required to pick their preferred mates from a group of men who put on a spectacular mating dance hoping to be selected.

The women from this tribe can have sex with any mate as she pleases and can then decide to settle with any of the one that best satisfices her.

5. Okujepisa Omukazendu treatment

sexual rituals in Africa

As a way to show genuine excitement about the visit of one’s friend, a man gives his wife to his guest to have sex with, while he sleeps in a separate room if there is no space. This practice is done by the Himba people, an indigenous, polygamous people who live in northern Namibia, the Kunene Region and the Kunene River in Angola.

My final thoughts about these sexual rituals in Africa

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