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Soundme is among the newest features released by the trending social media app, Tiktok. Soundme is a new feature that will give content creatures the opportunity to promote their music on TikTok and allow also users to create their music.


TikTok is a video-sharing application that has gained widespread usage among young people. On the other hand, it has become important to to music industry. Of recent, TikTok users are more interested in this feature because of the huge benefits it offers. TikTok has launched SoundOn, an all-in-one platform for music marketing and distribution, to empower new and unknown musicians by assisting them in developing and growing their music.

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What Is on TikTok? is a new promotion and music distribution network on TikTok that allows for users to expand their creative ability, express their music talent, and have their songs heard worldwide. So intead of just uploadiing your songs on other digital music distribution sites, you can freely do it too on TikTok.

After that you songs has been accepted into the network, as a musicians, you will begin to receive royalties for their work whenever it is played on the platform. In addition to providing music composers with a hundred percent share of the royalties for the first year and then a ninety percent share for each year after that, makes available a variety of promotional tools and assistance.

How it works? login tiktok

After your songs has been registered, TikTok will automatically create a dashboard for you to monitor your audience analytics and professional development assistance from a dedicated artist team. You will also have access to TikTok’s song tab, where music can be linked on profile pages, and assistance with promotional efforts through TikTok creator marketing.

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Artists who sign up will receive all of these benefits once they complete the signup process. Every song that is purchased through SoundOn are compatible with other services and can be played on those services. As a result, fans’ devotion extends beyond TikTok, enabling artists to expand their followings on other streaming websites and DSPs.

This function has been fully launched in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and Indonesia, after going through a period of BETA testing, and as expected, an increasing number of musicians are registering to use the platform.

SoundOn is also providing opportunities for musicians/music creators who start their careers on TikTok. These opportunities include the possibility of signing record and publishing deals and collaborating with co-writers and established names in the industry.

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How To Create A Account On TikTok – Step By Step Process

Firstly, login to the official website of When the page first loads, you’ll see a prompt asking you to choose a country.

If the user who is logged in does not have the correct country location, then that user will not receive any campaigns. The next step will require you to provide information such as your first name, last name, Tiktok handle, phone number, and email address.

After that, you need to open the account in the creator role. You will then be required to confirm that the provided Tiktok handle belongs to you. After that, you will be prompted to authorize your Tiktok account within the app; after doing so, you will have full access to features.

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