The Menu Plot Summary: What is the movie about?

“The Menu” is a dark comedic horror thriller that keeps you guessing throughout and exceeds expectations with its superb plot.

The plot revolves around a group of affluent visitors who gather on a private island for a meal at celebrity chef Julian Slowik’s premium restaurant, Hawthorne.


It’s exciting to see where it goes from there, with its observations on the super-rich, their extravagant yet vain practices, and a final downfall that is both horrifying and satisfying.

“The Menu” is an interesting film in certain ways; it is satisfying to watch and keeps you thinking for a long time.

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Plot Summary

Tyler and Margot, a young couple, wait at a pier for a private boat that is expected to arrive shortly, transporting them to a secluded private island for an incredible culinary experience.

This boat excursion is part of the pleasure of being accepted to Hawthorne, an elite fine-dining restaurant that charges a ridiculous $1250 per person.

When Margot first hears this sum, she is taken aback, but her partner is confident that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The other invited guests arrived soon after three young tech business investors named Soren, Bryce, and Dave; an elderly businessman named Richard and his wife Anne; a former film actor named George, who is well past his prime, and his assistant and girlfriend Felicity; and a renowned food critic named Lillian Bloom, along with Ted, the editor of the magazine for which she writes.

A welcome dish of oysters and lemon caviar is given as the boat arrives and the guest’s board. From this point forward, Margot realizes that her partner Tyler is almost hopelessly devoted to the celebrity chef who runs the restaurant, Chef Julian Slowik.

What she seemed to find unusual is that the meal is simply a distorted method of presenting regular ingredients in a sophisticated way.

Margot was not originally on the invited list and had simply taken the place of another woman who was meant to accompany Tyler.

Margot is repeatedly reminded that she is not supposed to be having this experience. Nonetheless, she plays along when the guests arrive on the island and are given a brief tour before heading to the dining hall.

However, she and the other guests have no idea that what they are going to witness inside this hall throughout the course of the evening is a once-in-a-lifetime encounter that they did not desire for.


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