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These 11 Hymns From ‘Songs of Praise’ Are Guaranteed to Make Every Millennial Nostalgic

If you went to a Nigerian primary or secondary school, there is a high possibility you were asked to bring a tiny blue book called Songs of Praise, to assembly every morning. You would be severely punished if you didn’t bring the book to the assembly.


The word hymn derives from Greek ‘hymnos’ which means “a song of praise”. A writer of hymns is known as a hymnist. The singing or composition of hymns is called hymnody. Collections of hymns are known as hymnals or hymn books. Hymn’ is a religious song or poem of praise to God or a god.

In today’s article, we bring you the 11 hymns from ‘Songs of Praise’ that would make you feel nostalgic:

1. ‘Oh Jesus I have promised to serve thee till the end’

Hymn from songs of praise
Hymn from songs of praise (Pinterest)

Do you still love Jesus? That is what this songs remind you.


2. ‘Come come and worship’

Come come and worship, COME and WORSHIP, come and COME AND WORSHIP, come and WORRRRSHIPPPPP.

3. ‘Immortal God, Invisible God, only wise’

‘ Most glorious, most holy, the ancient of days….almighty, victorious, they great name we praise’

4. ‘Amazing grace, how sweet the sound’

Hymn from songs of praise
Hymn from songs of praise (Pinterest)

They will ask us to sing this one after preaching the gospel. It always hit a spot.

5. ‘Rock of ages, cleft for me’

Hymn from songs of praise
Hymn from songs of praise (Pinterest)

‘Let me hiiiiiide myself in thee’. It brings tears to my eyes.

6. ‘Stand up, stand up for Jesus

Till today, I don’t understand what ‘cleft’ means. This hymn was a war cry. The boys loves it.

7. ‘For his mercies they endure, ever faithful, ever pure’

This one sounded like a call and response. The response were for the people that did not bring their hymn book.

8. ‘Praise him, praise him, praise him, praise the everlasting king’

Hymn from songs of praise
Hymn from songs of praise (Pinterest)

Even if you didn’t know any other part of the song, once the chorus starts up, you scream at the top of your lungs and dance as you have never before. Good Lord!!!

9. ‘Lead us Heavenly Father, lead us’

We sang this song with so much passion like we could already told the adulthood, how the ghetto looks like.

10. ‘There is a green hill far away’

Hymns from songs of praise
Hymn from songs of praise (Pinterest)

This song was about Jesus crucifixion and it brought tears to my eyes.

The OG; ‘All things bright and beautiful ‘

Hymn from songs of praise
Hymn from songs of praise (Pinterest)

We can bet that you knew this song from A-Z.

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