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Top 13 Illegal Movie Apps for Android Not on Play Store

There are several reasons why Android OS is one of the most popular operating systems for smartphones. One of them is filling your smartphone with several apps. Android apps can be sideloaded much more readily than iPhone apps. While that might be beneficial in some circumstances, sideloading programs is not always a good idea.


Yes! You need to be aware of some illicit Android applications. While some of these apps had excellent intentions when they were first created, others are just outright prohibited. An example of this would be sideloading unauthorized Android apps. Here are some Illegal movie Apps for Android not on Play Store but can be found on Google.

Illegal Movie Apps for Android Not on Play Store

List of Illegal Movie Apps for Android Not on Play Store

  • Pika show
  • Hunk T.V
  • New Pipe
  • Bee T.V
  • Netflix Mod Apk
  • Show Box
  • Nova T.V
  • YouTube ad Skip
  • T.V Portal
  • Movie Box
  • MobDro
  • Livenet.tv
  • Tube Mate

13 Illegal Movie Apps for Android Not on Play Store

1. Pika show

Illegal Movie Apps for Android Not on Play Store

One of the top prohibited Android apps for those who enjoy streaming is Pika Show, which offers a ton of the newest and most beloved Bollywood and Hollywood films, web series, and live TV for completely free. The absence of ads on the Pika Show is a plus. You may also download full HD movies and television shows. Cool, huh?

Consequently, if you want to watch some of the most well-liked or recent series, such as Servant, breaking bad, game of Thrones, and more. Install the app on your phone to start watching without a subscription or account.

Download: Pika Show (Free)

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2. Hunk T.V

Illegal Movie Apps for Android Not on Play Store

Enjoy watching the newest movies, TV episodes, and live performances? If yes! The Hunk T.V app, which offers free access to stream and download any country movie or series without advertisements, is another top-banned Android app on the list.

Hunk TV now offers free live streaming of IPL games in a variety of different quality languages, including ipl Hindi, ipl English, ipl 4K, and more. The nicest part of the program is that it does not need root access.

Additionally, every newly released film and television series will be available online within two days. Is not it incredible? Aside from that, its user interface and video quality are excellent. You have two options for selecting video quality here: first, 480P, and second, 720P. The user interface is rather straightforward and appears to be of high quality. Therefore, the finest undiscovered Android app you may attempt is one overall.

Download: Hunk T.V (Free)

3. New Pipe

Illegal Movie Apps for Android Not on Play Store

Looking for a free YouTube Premium subscription? Want to use all of YouTube’s premium features, including PIP mode, background video playback, and none at all. The good news is that you can easily enjoy YouTube Premium without registering an account using New Pipe, the cracked version of the service. If you do decide to create an account, you may do so here as well.

Since I have been using New Pipe apk for a while, I can honestly say that I have not encountered any problems with it. So what are you waiting for? Let us use this Google apk. Before you use it, let me make one thing clear: this apk is illegal.

Download: Youtube vanced (Free)

4. Bee T.V (Alternative Of Hunk T.V)

Illegal Movie Apps for Android Not on Play Store

Looking for alternatives to beefy TV? If so, I have the best software for watching forbidden movies called Bee TV. Just like Hunk TV, you can view a ton of new and old movies and web series on Bee TV for free. Additionally, Bee TV has both language support, making it simple to view movies and television shows with Hindi and English audio.

Furthermore, depending on your internet connection, you can choose from a variety of picture quality options here, including 480P, 720P, and 1080P.

Apart from that, Bee t.v has a clean and easy user interface with well-customized categories through which you can easily find your movies. But there is one problem that is ads, here you might see ads after pausing a movie or choosing one. Other than that, this is another best Android app outside play store, similar to Hunk t.v.

Download: Bee T.V (Free)

5. Netflix Mod Apk

Love the anime and movies on Netflix? If so, download the Netflix mod Android app to view the newest movies and TV shows for free and without a membership. What makes it more intriguing is that you may select the picture quality and there are no adverts. Cool, huh?

In addition, the app contains a large variety of recent HD movies and web series that you can view. If you dislike watching movies for free online, you can also download them via a straightforward link to your smartphone.

Download: Netflix Mod Apk [Free]

6. Show Box

Due to illicit movie viewing, Show Box, an entertainment app, will allow users to watch current television shows, series, and movies. Again, this app is not available in the Google Play Store, but in my opinion, it is one of the best for people who enjoy viewing movies and TV series since Showbox makes it simple to watch the newest movies without paying for them.

Since the app is not available in the Google Play Store, you can download the Show Box app from the website and watch your favorite shows for free.

Download: Show Box (Free)

7. Nova T.V

In search of further blocked-movie apps? to watch your OTT platform movies and series following Hunk TV and Bee TV? If so, Nova t.v is yet another amazing app on the list of movies that should be banned.

With a clear and straightforward user interface, it offers HD movies and TV series with dual English and Hindi audio. The most appealing aspect of Nova TV for me is how quickly I can access the newest releases as well as popular movies and television episodes.

The only thing keeping Nova TV behind Hunk TV and Bee TV is the lack of a download option and the fact that it only offers the most recent and well-liked releases.

So if you are fond of the latest releases and popular movies then Nova t.v is one of the popular apk apps you can try.

Download: Nova t.v (Free)

8. YouTube ad Skip

Here is another well-known apk program that is incredibly helpful and practical but is not available on the Google Play Store. To be honest, we get upset when we see advertisements on YouTube. But do not panic, the YouTube Skip Ad app now makes it simple to view your favorite YouTube videos without advertising.

Because it is completely prohibited to remove the advertisement, this software will not be added to the Play Store. But avoiding those 5-second advertisements is actually quite beneficial.

Download: YouTube ad skip (Free)

9. T.V Portal

This best apk program will offer you free TV and movies without a VPN if you are hooked to watching television and movies.

Showing TV without authorization is completely unlawful, which is why the play store prohibited the app, however, T.V Portal gives you the option to choose the media player through which you can play your television shows.

Download: T.V Portal (Free)

10. Movie Box

Another top illegal Android software for fans of movies is available here. With the app, you can effortlessly view any new movie and TV show for nothing. The Play Store prohibition has a straightforward explanation. Like Netflix or Hotstar, Moviebox does not have any licensed content to stream.

Although this software has been removed from the Google Play Store, it continues to do well in the market. But let me warn you, before using this software, that it might also include malware or any kind of infection. Use this app responsibly as a result.

Download: Movie Box (Free)

11. MobDro

Do you enjoy watching live video streaming of your favorite shows, games, news, tech bloggers, movies, or anything else? Then this app might be able to help you watch all of these for nothing. Due to unlawful streaming, this app is not available in the Play Store as usual, but fear not—you may download it from Google or by clicking the link below. Enjoy live streaming after installing it.

Download: MobDro (Free)

12. Livenet.tv

Out of the house? & enjoys live television series? Do not fret; livenet.tv is a fantastic program. It offers users free live viewing of any television show from across the world. Is not it great that you may watch live television from any country on your smartphone?

This app is also not available on the Play Store because it is unlawful, much like the other apps on the list. No worries, click the link below to download and enjoy all time.

Download: Livenet.tv (Free)

13. Tube Mate

One of the best Android apps for downloading YouTube videos is Tube Mate, but you cannot download any YouTube films because it violates the terms and regulations of YouTube, and Tube Mate only functions in an unlawful manner.

YouTube offers an offline storing capability, but you cannot play the video on another media player or download it to your computer’s hard drive if the user clears their cache or storage, which will destroy all of their offline videos.

Therefore, if you want to watch a video for free, you might try tube mate for offline access in any video player. Tube Mate allows you to download any YouTube movie in any video quality, ranging from 240p to 1080p.

Download: Tube Mate (Free)

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