Von McCray Cause of Death and Obituary

Who is Von McCray?

Those interested in learning more about Von McCray can read the complete article. Marvin ‘Von’ McCray was a 29-year-old ex-Marine who was discharged from the Marine Corps due to a knee ailment.


Andrea ‘Dre’ McCray, his wife, rose to prominence as a social media influencer by posting makeup tutorial videos and promoting her belief in the therapeutic benefits of various plants as well as Dr. Sebi’s treatments and cures.

Andrea and Von had been married for around eight years and had a kid together, according to the police report. Andrea also had two elder children from a prior relationship, whom she raised with her husband.

Andrea informed the police that their marriage began deteriorating after Von started seeing a therapist in 2019. Read further to know more about the cause of his death.

Von McCray Cause of Death

Von McCray Cause of Death

Many reports claim that Marvon McCray has died, but there has been no official confirmation. After learning about Marvon McCray through his wife, Andrea McCray, internet people became concerned about his death.

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Andrea is a social media influencer that can be seen on sites such as TikTok and Instagram. She is a makeup artist who offers snippets of her life on social media in addition to her online presence. They have three children together.

Marvon has a son and Andrea has two daughters from a previous marriage. Marvon is a former marine who was honorably discharged from active duty due to a knee injury. Marvon was described as a nice and kind husband by online watchers.

Marvon was seen in Andrea’s videos taking care of the children and maintaining the household while Andrea focused on growing her online profession.

His encouraging personality rapidly won over followers, who grew fond of him and wanted to see more of his daily life.

Andrea’s TikTok and Instagram videos appeared to be going well until she chose to follow a vegan lifestyle and pushed her family to do the same. She promised that the adjustment would make them all healthier and disease-free.

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Viewers saw that the family’s reduced physiques were the result of the food change, but some speculated that Marvon also appeared ill. However, because nothing drastic appeared to have occurred, no one acted at the time.

What Happened to Von McCray?

Andrea’s claimed addiction to unauthorized herbs, despite their unsuitability for children’s intake, became a major worry. With the passage of time, it became clear that Marvon was suffering from anxiety, sadness, and stress.

He refused to join in the herb consumption, which resulted in frequent disagreements with Andrea. Viewers claimed to have overheard their disagreements several times during Andrea’s live feeds.

Due to the increasing marital conflict, these arguments allegedly escalated to the point of suicide attempts, prompting many 911 calls from either their home or concerned neighbors. Unfortunately, the upheaval did not stop there.

Marvon’s mental faculties began to deteriorate, and he started experiencing seizures. Reportedly, viewers of Andrea’s videos could hear Marvon having seizures, but she did not call for emergency assistance.

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the influencer was adamant that her husband would do better if he continued to take the herbs.

Despite his recurring seizures and Andrea’s seeming disregard for his well-being, Marvon temporarily departed their shared house in quest of a solution to his difficulties. He eventually returned to Andrea, but nothing had changed.

Marvon reached a breaking point one fateful day, overwhelmed by his surroundings, and tragically hung himself in their backyard. Andrea quickly began CPR after discovering her spouse hanging. Soon after, the cops arrived and transported Marvon to the hospital.

Marvon was diagnosed with a significant brain injury as a result of the incident and was placed on a ventilator.

Did Von Marvon McCray Passed Away?

There were no reputable sources to confirm whether he had died or not. Andrea, Marvon’s wife, broadcast live from the hospital, showing her husband laying in a bed after sliding into a coma.

Marvon’s parents arrived at the hospital shortly after, and his mother delivered an unexpected revelation. She stated that her son was gradually improving and no longer needed a ventilator.

Surprisingly, Andrea had barred Marvon’s mother from visiting him while he was in the hospital.

On a certain website in November 2022, reports regarding Marvon’s death began to circulate. However, there were no reputable sources to confirm his death, and admirers were unable to locate an obituary. Andrea began deleting other videos from her channel in the aftermath of this entire affair.

Marvon and Andrea’s present whereabouts and status are unclear, leaving everyone in the dark regarding their current position.

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