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Women having sex with dogs risk contacting these 6 diseases

The reason for women having sex with dogs has been tied to so many reason, the common reasons are for money, pleasure, or maybe some are force into it. The most popular reason is that they do it as a pornographic content while some ladies especially from Africa, where ladies are eager to make money, t do this as a ritual for wealth.

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For whatever reason it is done, having sex a dog or any animals has some health consequences you should be scared of.

Having sex with an animal is a crime in Nigeria and several other countries.Facts check

Women having sex with dogs risk contacting these 5 diseases

Rabies is a viral disease from dogs that is fatal in humans. It is transmitted from the saliva of dogs, horses and cats. Immediately after the symptoms set in, the human has little chance of survival if not treated.

This is a parasitic tapeworm found in the faeces of dogs, cats and sheep. This disease is asymptomatic and would not manifest until after a few years. These worms would cause cysts to develop in the kidneys, heart, spleens and brains of the person so affected. If not treated, it can lead to death.

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The reproductive organs of a dog or any other animal are not made to fit into that of a woman or man and have caused a lot of injuries most of the times this act is done. Can you even imagine a lady having sex with a horse which has a big organ? not to even imagine sex with a dog which organ is like a light bulb, this would injure a vagina.

4. Allergic triggers

Receiving the semen of a dog can actually trigger allergic reactions as it is a foreign substance the body is trying to accommodate. A woman in Ireland who had sex with a dog died from anaphylaxis.

Anaphylaxis causes the immune system to release a flood of chemicals that can cause you to go into shock — blood pressure drops suddenly and the airways narrow, blocking breathing. Signs and symptoms include a rapid, weak pulse; a skin rash; and nausea and vomiting.According to Mayo Clinic

Leptospirosis is a disease contacted from the urine of animals in the cat family like dogs and cats. When it enters the human system, it can lead to meningitis, and 10% of the time, meningitis is deadly.

6. Penile cancer

This disease occurs in men who have sex with animals. Penile cancer refers to cancer cells forming in the tissues of the penis, especially the foreskins or glans. The cancer cells are also found on the shaft of the penis.

Reaction when a Dog’s semen meets a human egg?

The DNAs of a Human and dog are not the same, therefore, cannot procreate. When the sperm of the dog comes in contact with the human egg, the egg cannot be fertilized. Although if this occur In rare cases, the offspring will remain infertile.

According to Scientific evidence, human and dog genes are the same, but they are regulated differently. According to Immunologist Amanda Jacobson, every living thing has a genome like a list of individual instructions called genes. Each specie has a unique genome which is why people have two legs and two arms while dogs have four legs, fur and tail.

The genomes are broken down into sections called chromosomes. Humans have about 23 pairs of chromosomes, while dogs have 39 pairs. The closest to the human species are chimpanzees which have about 24 pairs, and even these animals cannot reproduce with humans.

My Final Thoughts On Women Having Sex With Dogs

Apart from the fact that it is a crime against nature and an actual crime, bestiality can be fatal and deadly.

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