What Disease Does Sunny Hostin Have?

The 52-year-old anchor of “The View,” Sunny Hostin, delivered the heartbreaking news that both of her husband’s parents passed away from COVID-19 in a recent show.

Sunny Hostin respected her husband’s wish for a private existence but believed it was imperative to express their deep sorrow and loss.


Hostin confessed with tears in her eyes that her husband, Emmanuel, an orthopedic physician, lost his father, Dr. A. Emmanuel, on December 28 at the age of 83.

Tragically, his mother, Dr. Maria Jesus, passed suddenly on New Year’s Day just a few days later at the age of 78.

What Disease Does Sunny Hostin Have

Hostin conveyed her in-laws’ sincere thanks to the medical professionals who gave them outstanding treatment when they were battling COVID-19 in the midst of their bereavement.

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Additionally, she praised the brave efforts of the first responders who are working nonstop to stop the pandemic and called their job “God’s work.”

Hostin took a moment to thank her family at “The View” and ABC for their unfailing support throughout this trying period.

Sunny Hostin and her family have definitely been crushed by the death of her husband’s parents due to COVID-19, underscoring the pandemic’s continuing effects on people and communities.

What Disease Does Sunny Hostin Have

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