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What is My AI on Snapchat and what are the features?

Video sharing social media app Snapchat has launched its own customized AI powered chatbot for its users called My AI, this AI (artificial intelligence) which was once made available only on a paid-basis is now made free for all Snapchat users, powered by ChatGPT technology.

Following the launch of Chat GPT (lauched by Elon Musk, Sam Altman and Peter Thiel), Snapchat’s AI is the latest to be released with the intention to retain its users on the app. This is Evan Spiegel & Bobby Murphy’s little secret in competing with the almighty Chat GPT.


Snapchat reveals that My AI sends almost two million messages per day and collects information about movies, sports, animals and the wider world.

One similar feature with Snapchat’s AI and that of other AIs is the ability to personalize it and even giving it a name. Users can easily also connect My AI into into their conversations with their friends by summoning it into their group chats.

My AI on Snapchat

This AI tool can also offer recommendations for places to visit or even activities one can engage in depending on the location. Users can also send pictures to My AI and get a reply. During when the tool was been tested, It was shown a tomato plant to which it replied with a tomato soup recipe.

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Since its launch, users have gone to social media to express their excitement and concerns about it with many showing a screenshots of their conversation with the bot about things food, sports, news and more.

My AI on Snapchat

However, not everybody is really amazed with the new tool. Many have expressed their annoyance of the tool being attached on the app without their permission and no option to remove it unless you are subscribed to Snapchat+.

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