Is Kiriku Dead or Alive? What Happened to Kiriku?

Rumors about the current whereabouts of Nigerian comedian and child actor Enorense Victory, better known as Kiriku, have been circulating online. In this post, let’s find out the real truth about his death: “Is Kiriku dead or alive?”


To clarify, there is no information or evidence to show that Kiriku is dead as of our knowledge cutoff in August 2023. Kiriku, who was born on December 17, 2014, is a remarkable Nigerian comedian, content producer, and child actor.

According to Wikipedia, his real name is Enorense Victory, and he is well-known for his humorous performances and catchphrase “abeg shift.” Let’s find out who Kiriku is.

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Kiriku Biography

Kiriku is of Benin and Urhobo ethnicity and is from Benin City in Edo State, Nigeria. He is the youngest of four brothers and is overseen by his older brother, Umbrella Boy. Kiriku began his comedic career at the age of four and quickly rose to popularity through his funny skits, some of which were featured by notable social media accounts like Instablog9ja and Tunde Ednut.

Is Kiriku Dead or Alive?

Is Kiriku Dead

This gifted young comic has expanded his set of skills beyond solo shows. He has worked with notable characters in Nigerian entertainment, including Broda Shaggi, Mr Funny, Iyanya, Officer Woos, and Cute Abiola. His humorous abilities and charm have earned him the distinction of being Nigeria’s most sought-after child comic actor, according to The Sun.

Kiriku and his brother showed their appreciation and affection for their parents by purchasing two Mercedes Benz cars for them in 2022. Kiriku’s desire to realize his father’s long-held dream of owning a new car, as the previous one had become old and unreliable, drove this gesture of gratitude.

To sum up, Kiriku, also known as Enorense Victory, is very much alive and actively pursuing his career as a comedian, content creator, and child actor. Despite rumors suggesting otherwise, there is no factual evidence to support the claim that Kiriku is deceased.

His comedic talents, collaborations, and personal achievements continue to make waves in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

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