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5 Pills that make your vag taste good

When it comes to vaginal health, what you eat plays a great role in determining how your vagina smells and, for those who are into oral sex, how it tastes. Moreso, the taste of your vagina depends on your vaginal PH.


Most women have been taught that their vaginas are icky, gross, stinky, and weird. So, if you’re interested in changing the taste of your vagina, know this: A healthy vagina doesn’t taste like flowers, a fresh summer breeze, or vanilla. It tastes like vagina.

See a doctor for any vaginal discomfort or change in smell or taste. Living a healthy lifestyle and avoiding douching can also help.

Pills that make your vag taste good

Here are 5 pills to take for a good vagina.

Pills that make your vag taste good

Apple cider gummies are beneficial to the vagina health.

The vagina naturally has a balance of bacteria and fungi that keeps both in check under normal conditions. When there is an imbalance, which may be brought on by oral contraceptives, medications, or pregnancy, C. albicans may thrive and cause vagina candidiasis. Apple cider gummies restore the normal PH of the vagina and prevent odour.

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5 Pills that make your vag taste good

When the vagina is dry, it itches and smells. The moisture in the vagina is part of the self-cleansing mechanism. Vitamin E can either be applied as oil or taken orally to help prevent vaginal dryness.

Garlic supplements are excellent [WFLA]

Garlic is important in fighting infections that cause vaginal itching, swelling and dryness. This is because it is an antibiotic. You can take it orally or as a supplement.

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5 Pills that make your vag taste good

Cranberry juice contains vitamin C which helps to cure and prevent yeast infection that causes itching, pain and smell. It ensures the vagina smells and tastes nice.

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It contains vitamin C, vitamin B, and fibre which improves the vagina’s gut health. Pineapple juice helps your vagina smell and tastes better, especially if you are into oral sex because it helps the vagina maintain its natural PH and prevent infections.

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