Conjoined twins bare all to show how they look

Abby and Brittany, both 25, have been dubbed “the sexiest Siamese twins.” They are dicephalic parapagus twins, which means they are conjoined twins with different heads who share one body…and what a body! Right?

They have independent critical organs such as the heart, stomach, spine, and spinal cord. They do, however, share their arms, chest, ribcage, and legs.


They also have a reality program called Abby & Brittany on TLC. They both went to college and graduated with B.A. degrees, making them one of the most accomplished conjoined twins in the world. See the image underneath…

Conjoined twins bare all

Miraculous Birth

Shortly after Abby and Brittany Hensel’s birth, doctors presented their parents with the option of operating in an attempt to separate the conjoined twin girls. 

Conjoined twins bare all to show

Due to the low survival rates of one or both babies in such surgeries, however, the Hensels quickly opted against that route. Still, doctors said the twins were unlikely to even survive their first night.

Not only would they survive, but the Hensel twins would surpass all expectations and do the unbelievable.

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