How Abacha’s Eldest Son, Ibrahim Abacha Died With Dangote’s Brother, Bello

Ibrahim Abacha, the first child of a guy ranked by Amnesty International as the fourth-most corrupt leader in modern history, also happened to be extraordinarily wealthy. He was interested in setting up commercial deals. Ibrahim Abacha, an expert, and counselor-in-law, was described by his friends and family as being very sweet, nice, and gentle. He was 28 years old.


After his terrible passing, Maryam Abacha, his mother, was left distraught and in need of fleeing the country for Saudi Arabia. While there, she stayed, asked questions, thought about them, and sought comfort from God and her faith.

Ibrahim and his friends were traveling from Lagos to Kano for a gathering and family commitment on that crucial day, January 17, 1996. He was traveling in the presidential Falcon of the Nigerian Air Force with 14 other passengers when the aircraft mysteriously crashed and exploded only minutes before landing at Aminu Kano International Airport. Ibrahim was with Funmi, his Yoruba love interest, and Bello, the younger brother of Aliko Dangote, who is currently the richest black on the globe.

Bello Dangote described him as the closest person to Dangote in the group and a “incredible mastermind and visionary,” and described his death as a “significant stun and colossal misfortune.”

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One of the Dan Princewill siblings also passed away, and it was shocking to learn later that while they were asking Abacha for access to the body of their deceased family member, the Dan Princewill siblings narrowly avoided being killed when unknown assailants ambushed them on the Oworonshoki Expressway.

Even Abacha’s most ardent detractors came to sympathize with him after the accident, which shocked the country. Michael Ajasin, the boss, expressed shock at the tragedy, saying, “The death of Ibrahim Abacha is a stun to me as well as all NADECO individuals.” The loss is felt by the entire nation.

Scandals Linking Ibrahim Abacha

Additionally, Ibrahim Abacha’s name was mentioned in certain contentious agreements. Abubakar Atiku Bagudu, a member of the Abacha family and the legislative leader of Kebbi State, testified in court during one of the most prominent cases of tax evasion and pillage in the past that he and Ibrahim established the Morgan Procurement Corporation in February 1994.

“I agreed to work with Mr. Ibrahim Sani Abacha in 1994 since the latter had a vast money and I had a lot of ideas about how to contribute to or handle the fortune.

Around that period, my fortune was considerably less fortunate. Additionally, it was discovered that Ibrahim and Mohammed Abacha first started using Citibank’s private financial group in 1988 when investigations into the mistreatment of tax evaders by private banking and related financial administrations were launched by the US Congress.

Over the course of its commercial association with the Abacha siblings, Citibank also provided them with additional mystery-related services, such as three accounts with unique names, at least one offshore shell organization, and even the use of codes to access their information.

The Abacha’s records in London could accommodate adjustments of up to US$60 million at once, but in New York, their equalizations would typically stay below US$2 million, even though US$47 million passed through their New York accounts in only one half-year. The Citibank employee who oversaw the Abacha’s records was Alain Ober.

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He offered his support for the American Committee on Governmental Affairs’ Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. All of the stolen money has not yet been recovered by the Nigerian government.

The Controversy

Ibrahim had the same last name as the dictator of Nigeria, but he was not his biological father, according to MARYAM ABACHA’S PRIOR MARRIAGE. Major-General Shehu Musa Yar’adua was ultimately killed on December 8th, 1997 in a most barbaric manner when a real doctor administered a poisonous infusion on the helpless general on the despot’s sets. Maryam Abacha was initially married to a man who lived close to Yar’adua’s father. Abacha later imprisoned Yar’adua.

It was revealed that Maryam Abacha was actually engaged to Major-General Shehu Yar’adua’s daughter’s companion. She later married him, and by the time her high school boyfriend, Sani Abacha, divorced her from her first husband, she was expecting a child.

Ibrahim was actually someone else’s child, but the head of state reared him and persuaded everyone to believe he was his own. According to Binta Yar’adua, the late Shehu Yar’adua’s wife:

“He is Shehu Usman, Sarkin Maska from Funtua in Katsina,” the speaker said. In addition, he also happens to be my father. He served as the Funtua region head as well as a bureau in the Saraduna government at one point. By chance, he married Maryam. He was a pastor. I believe 1965. And my dad’s marriage to Maryam had nothing to do with Shehu’s father, Yar’adua.

Binta responded, “I wouldn’t know,” when TELL inquired about the rumored dispute between the Yar’adua and Abacha families regarding Ibrahim’s paternity. I don’t know what to do. He might be the son of my father. He might be Abacha’s offspring. I don’t know what to do. He (Ibrahim Abacha) was born in our house, I guess.

Ibrahim was born while Maryam (my dad’s wife) was still engaged. Since it didn’t seem to be a restrained marriage, I wouldn’t say that it was intense. possibly two years. Ibrahim Abacha was created in our family within one and a half or two years. — Binta Yar’adua, TELL, July 3, 2000, pp. 14–17.’

Source: Nigeria Youth Movement 

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