Humberto Castro Muñoz: Man behind the death of Andrés Escobar

When football players commit costly errors, both fans and pundits heavily criticize them, to the point where some of these critics—dubbed “wicked people”—wish bad things would happen to those players.

The life of Andrés Escobar serves as a reminder of how much compassion must overcome football as a game. The life of a player should always come first in football, no matter what the situation.



Many people feel that the Colombian international footballer didn’t receive the justice he deserved after being killed during a world cup game between Colombia and the United States of America after mistakenly shooting the ball into his own goal.

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One Humberto Castro Muñoz was detained as a suspect on the evening of Andrés Escobar’s murder.

He was at that time a bodyguard for members of a powerful Colombian drug cartel. A day after his arrest, he confessed to the killing of the defender.

He was serving as a bodyguard for members of a significant Colombian drug organization at the time. He admitted to killing the defender one day after his detention.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that Humberto Castro Muñoz once served as Santiago Gallon’s driver, a notorious drug lord from Colombia and head of the Gallon gang.

It was claimed that Santiago suffered significant losses when he bet on the result of the game in which Andrés scored an own goal. This is why, even after apologizing to the entire nation for his own goal, he had the kind defender assassinated.

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After being found guilty, Humberto Castro Muoz received a 43-year prison term. His sentence was eventually lowered to 26 years.

To make matters worse, he was released in 2005, having only served about half of his 26-year sentence. Because of this, he only served the required 11 years in prison for the horrifying murder.

There were claims that Pedro and Santiago Gallon, the gang’s leaders, had bribed the prosecutor’s office, but there wasn’t enough evidence to bring charges against the brothers.

As supporters of the beautiful game, we must be aware of this entire tale since it casts a shadow over everything that football stands for. We must also ensure that Andrés Escobar’s legacy endures even though he was not given the justice he rightfully deserves.

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