Jeff Tiedrich Biography, Age, Early Life, Career, Wife, and Net Worth

Jeff Tiedrich is a political blogger, musician, and graphic designer. He is well-known on the internet for his odd tweets and memes. He became well-known after a series of tweets criticizing former US President Donald Trump.


Profile Summary

  • Nationality:  American
  • Occupation: Musician. Blogger. Graphic Designer
  • Parents: Warreb Lloyd Tiedrich, Joan Diamond Tiedrich
  • Wife: Claudia Long Tiedrich
  • Net Worth: $200k – $500k
Jeff Tiedrich Bio
Jeff Tiedrich Bio. Photo Credit: @jefftiedrich: Instagram

Jeff Tiedrich Early Life

Jeff Tiedrich was born on March 16, 1957, in New Jersey, United States. Warreb, Lloyd Tiedrich, and Joan Diamond Tiedrich were his parents. His deceased father had served in the United States Army.

He grew up on the streets of Rockaway, New Jersey, with his younger sister Ellen Wayne Tiedrich, and he liked music and instruments.

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For his elementary education, he attended a local school in the United States. In addition, he and his younger sister, Ellen, attended Morris Hills High School in Rockaway.

Teidrich graduated from New York’s Parsons School of Design with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts.

Jeff Tiedrich Career

Jeff Tiedrich Net Worth

Jeff developed an early interest in music and hoped to be a successful musician.

In 1973, he began his musical career, playing instruments such as the guitar. He became the Alligator Band’s primary guitarist and vocalist. The band’s six members are Jon Chazen, Stumpy, Erik Lundberg, Sam Mann, V. Don Bogut III, and Jeff Tiedrich.

He started his YouTube channel and began posting videos on social media on January 20, 2011.

Jeff is also a graphic designer who has done work for various clients. He is a freelance designer who frequently makes one-of-a-kind designs.

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In 2018, he launched his own Twitter account, through which he tweeted about political issues. He rose to prominence after a series of tweets critical of former United States President Donald Trump.

While writing on many blogs and websites, Jeff also became one of the boldest writers and bloggers.

Personal Life

Jeff Tiedrich

Jeff Tiedrich married his amazing wife Claudia Long Tiedrich in November 1991, and their daughter Katherine Chandler was born.

Claudia Long, his wife, is an 8-year-old copywriter, strategist, and creative director.

Katherine, their daughter, is married to Norrin Hester, and the couple lives in Madison, Wisconsin. Katherine founded Akward Zombie.

Jeff Tiedrich Net Worth

Jeff Tiedrich makes a living as a freelancer. He blogs and writes for other websites. He is also a performer and musician. He is reported to be worth between $200k and $500k.

Was Jeff Tiedrich in military service?

Jeff has never served in the military and has never been a member of any branch of the armed forces. Jeff’s father was a retired US Army officer, while his mother was a homemaker in charge of managing the household and caring for the family.

Warren Lloyd Tiedrich, Jeff’s father, was a veteran who served his nation during the Korean War. His time in the United States began in 1951 and ended in 1953. Warren was stationed in Korea at the time, where he performed numerous jobs and responsibilities as a member of the US Army.

Despite his father’s military heritage, Jeff did not join the armed forces like his father. He pursued other interests and employment options, taking a new course in life. However, he most likely received some of his father’s ideas and goals, especially a strong respect for those who have served in the military.

How old is Jeff Tiedrich?

By March 2023, the political blogger will be 66 years old. March 16th is the day he will be celebrating his birthday.

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Educational background

In terms of his education, Jeff attended Morris Hills Secondary School and graduated from high school in 1975. He then studied at the Parson School of Design, where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1978.

Political blogging

Jeffery Tiedrich began his blogging career in the year 2000 when he began producing internet posts on various political issues. He quickly became well-known for his thought-provoking content and astute analysis, which garnered him a sizable following in the online community.

As a result of his growing popularity, Jeffery Tiedrich was employed as a regular contributor by The Smirking Chimp, a left-wing website, where he continued to write about numerous political subjects such as social justice, civil rights, and progressive politics.

With the development of social media in 2008, Jeffery Tiedrich established a Twitter account in order to reach a larger audience and continue his political dialogue online.

However, his tweets often became controversial, and in 2018, his Twitter account was flagged for using inappropriate language and expressing opinions that violated Twitter’s guidelines.

Despite this setback, Jeffery Tiedrich continued to express his political views on Twitter, creating another account in the same year. However, his new account is not verified, which means that he has not been officially recognized by Twitter as a public figure or celebrity.

Political activism

Jeff Tiedrich is a well-known political and social activist who is noted for his persistent readiness to point out societal faults and injustices. He has garnered tremendous fame and popularity for his efforts as a political blogger and activist.

Tiedrich initially received national prominence when he began to utilize his platform to criticize former US President Donald Trump on social media, primarily Twitter.

Tiedrich’s frank criticism of Trump’s policies and actions earned him a reputation as a key voice in the anti-Trump opposition movement. He became noted for his funny and sharp analysis, which frequently pointed out Trump’s follies and hypocrisies.

Tiedrich’s political activism is rooted in a broader commitment to social justice and progressive principles, in addition to his opposition to Trump. He is outspoken about racial inequity, economic injustice, and climate change, and he routinely utilizes his position to bring attention to these and other urgent issues.

Tiedrich stays steadfast in his ideas and is determined to use his voice and influence to achieve positive change, despite the controversies that frequently arise in the highly charged realm of politics.

He has become a significant person in the world of progressive politics as a result of his work as a political blogger and activist, and his thoughts are generally accepted and treasured by those who share his commitment to a better, more just world.

Career in music

Jeff began his musical adventure in 1973 when he decided to pursue a profession as a musician. After some time, he was given a promising opportunity to join Alligator, a musical band. Jeff’s love of music and talent had finally led him to his first huge break in the industry.

Joining the Alligator band provided Jeff with a fantastic opportunity to display his musical ability. He was the band’s primary guitarist and vocalist, and the band had six members. This provided him the opportunity to refine his skills and collaborate with other skilled musicians.

Jeff got the opportunity to participate in many music festivals and concerts as a member of the band, obtaining great exposure and notoriety in the business.

His guitar skills and powerful voice earned him a significant following among fans and fellow musicians alike.

Graphics Designing

The photograph showcases five individuals who make up the Alligator crew, arranged from left to right as Don Bogut, Mike Stein, Sam Mann, Jeffery Tiedrich, and Jon Chazen. The image is credited to @jefftiedrich but has been modified by the author.

Jeffery Tiedrich, the person named as the originator of the photo change, is an American political activist with a background in graphic design. He offers clients design services in the form of both still photographs and video content.

Tiedrich also owns Tiedrich Design Group LLC, which likely serves as a hub for his design work and may supply design services to a broader range of clientele.

How tall is Jeff Tiedrich?

He stands 5′ 8″ tall (173cm). He also weighs 183 pounds (83kg).

Is Jeff Tiedrich the same person as Eric Clapton?

Some fans mistakenly thought Eric Clapton’s image was Jeff Tiedrich’s Twitter profile picture. Eric is a rock and blues guitarist, vocalist, and composer from England. The image sparked a social media uproar because people believed the musician had added a divisive political stance to his songs.

Is Jeff Tiedrich married?

Yes. Claudia Long, Jeff Tiedrich’s wife, is an accomplished professional with a background in copywriting, strategy, and creative directing. Claudia has a talent for creating interesting and effective messaging that connects with target audiences as a copywriter.

She can examine market trends and consumer behavior as a strategist to uncover chances for growth and success. Claudia also has a good eye for design and aesthetics as a creative director, able to build the visual identity of businesses and campaigns.

It’s worth mentioning that Claudia is eight years Jeff’s senior, which may or may not affect their relationship.

Regardless, the couple has a daughter named Katherine Chandler, who is perhaps the greatest testament to their love and partnership.

It’s likely that Claudia and Jeff work together to provide the best possible upbringing for their daughter, drawing on their collective talents and expertise to ensure that she has a bright and fulfilling future.

Where does Jeff Tiedrich live?

Along with his wife, he resides in Hastings on Hudson, New York.

Jeff Tiedrich’s children

In 2016, the daughter of Jeff Tiedrich wed Norrin Hester. She holds a degree in aerospace engineering and is the creator of the webcomic video game Awkward Zombie. Madison, Wisconsin is where Katherine and her husband reside.

Social Media

Jeff Tiedrich is very active on social media. He has over 30k Instagram followers and over 700k Twitter followers

Profile Summary

Profile summary

Full nameJeffery Tiedrich
Date of birth16th of March 1957
Age65 years (as of January 2023)
Zodiac signPisces
Place of birthRockaway, New Jersey, USA
Current residenceHastings on Hudson, New York, USA
Secondary schoolMorris Hills High School
CollegeParson School of Design
ProfessionPolitical blogger & activist, musician, graphic designer
Height in feet5 feet 8 inches
Height in cm173
Weight in pounds183
Weight in kg83
Hair colourGrey
Eye colourBrown
MotherJoan Diamond Tiedrich
FatherWarren Lloyd Tiedrich (deceased)
SisterEllen Wayne Tiedrich
Marital statusMarried
SpouseClaudia Long Tiedrich
Net worth$4 million (approx.)
Instagram@jefftiedrichtweets & @jefftiedrich

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