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How far can one go in finding love and getting married? You may have heard of people discovering love and getting married in unusual ways. No, we’re not referring to opulent nuptials in far-off places like Rajasthan or Goa.

Think about marrying an alligator after falling in love with it. It is a true story, even though it may seem unbelievable.


A Mexican mayor recently exchanged vows with an alligator in an uncommon Central American event. As this information piques your interest in this local politician, let’s learn more about him.

Victor Hugo Sosa, the mayor of San Pedro Huamelula, a village tucked away within Mexico’s Tehuantepec isthmus, recently took part in a fantastic wedding ceremony as a spectacular demonstration of cultural tradition and harmony.

On this magical occasion, Sosa entered into a sacred union with Alicia Adriana, a female lizard, signifying a traditional ceremony.


The mayor of this small southern Mexican town exchanged vows with a caiman, a marsh-dwelling reptile related to an alligator that is known to thrive in Mexico and Central America, amid the ecstatic cheers and vivacious dances of bystanders.

The mayor, taking the role of the Chontal king, gave his scaly companion a delicate kiss on the nose to seal their promise of perpetual pleasure as the joyous dance eventually ended.

After the ceremony, the mayor and his reptile bride danced together while enjoying the wonderful tunes of old-time music, creating an atmosphere of happy harmony.

Mayor Victor Hugo Sosa

“We celebrate the blending of two cultures. Sosa said, commenting on the significance of the merger, “The people are satisfied. Notably, this practice has deep meaning and stands for harmony and peace between the Chontal and Huave Indigenous groups in southern Mexico.

The mayor adopted the identity of the Chontal king, personifying the cherished “princess girl” from local legend, and embraced this union with the reptile.

The mayor passionately expressed his love and dedication during the ceremony, highlighting how important these feelings are to a marriage. We have a deep love, and I accept this obligation gladly. What matters most is that.

A marriage’s cornerstone is love… Mayor Victor Hugo Sosa fervently proclaimed during the ceremony, “I voluntarily enter into matrimony with the princess girl,” expressing a great dedication to this special and symbolic union.

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