Sarah Snyder Parents: Who are Sarah Snyder parents

Sarah Snyder, an American Instagram star and fashion model, was born on July 30, 1995. She first rose to fame as the partner of rapper and movie sensation Jaden Smith.


Sarah Snyder has modeled for many top fashion brands such as Hermes and others. She is also well known for her unusual fashion styles, and she never hesitates to show off her fashion styles on her Instagram handle. She has earned herself so many followers on Instagram because of her quirky sense of style.

Who are Sarah Snyder’s parents?

New York is where Sarah Snyder was born and raised. Later, she relocated to California in order to pursue a modeling career. Her father runs a prosperous business. What her mother does for a living is unknown to us. Sadly, Sarah has never revealed the names of her parents. I don’t know if she has siblings.

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Sarah Snyder Parents

Who is Sarah Snyder’s Dad

Sarah Snyder’s Dad is a successful American businessman. More details about him will be shared her subsequntly

Who is Sarah Snyder’s Mom

Sarah Snyder’s mom is an American. More details about her will be shared her subsequntly

Wiki Profile

Real Name: Sarah Irene Snyder
Date of Birth: July 30, 1995
Place of Birth: New York, USA
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Actress, Model
Net Worth: $400,000


Fashion and modeling have always been Sarah Snyder’s passions. In October 2015, she started the sarahfuckingsnyder Instagram account.

Her first image was a mugshot and a picture of her wearing a t-shirt. The image has received 28,000 likes. Sarah mainly shares photographs from paid photo shoots and selfies.

She has also uploaded images of herself with the models Duckie Thot and Sofia Richie. She had 2 million members as of May 2022.

Sarah marketed numerous well-known apparel companies as a model, including Pretty Little Thing, Forever 21, Fashion Nova, Calvin Klein, and Oh Polly.

Elle and Vogue have both featured her on their covers. Sarah has appeared in four movies and is an aspiring actor.

Sarah Snyder boyfriend: Does Sarah Snyder have a boyfriend?

Sarah Snyder isn’t with anyone right now. She started dating actor Jaden Smith in 2015. The couple broke up after two years of dating. Although they kept their breakup a secret, there were rumors that Sarah had been unfaithful.

She also dated Ian Connor, a model and influential person. Sarah was photographed dining with actor Leonardo DiCaprio in November 2017. Although neither of them confirmed their connection, the news prompted rumors about it.

Rumors that Sarah had cheated on Jaden caused their relationship to suffer. She was said to have engaged in an illicit relationship with Gunner Stahl, a photographer. After a handful of their images were uploaded to the internet, the rumors started to spread.

But neither Jaden nor Sarah mentioned the rumor. Instead, they persisted in making public displays of their love for one another until their separation in 2017.

Sarah was accused of shoplifting in 2015. She was charged with stealing an expensive “Hermès” purse from “Penny Pinchers,” a secondhand store in Bedford, New York’s exclusive neighborhood.

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