Watch Woo Lotti Death Video

The news about the death of William George, famously known as Woo Lotti, has saddened his fans. A lot of them want to watch Woo Lotti death video.

On the 20th of April, 2020, a video which captured the moment Woo Lotti was fatally stabbed in the streets of Chicago went viral on social media.


Woo Lotti Death: How it happened

Woo Lotti, a 15-year-old guy, was stabbed to death on the street and was left dead. The case has taken on some fresh angles after a three-year-old video spread across Twitter and other social media sites.

The viral video clip has resurfaced the wounds of the young rapper’s followers, who lost their cherished idol too early, after he was brutally murdered by members of an opposing gang.

Before his death, Woo Lotti was a great young rapper who dedicated his life to his craft; sadly, Lotti was stabbed to death on April 30, 2020.


Now, a lot of Fans of Woo are sharing the video of him being stabbed by an unknown gang members. Woo was savagely attacked in broad daylight close to a walkway, as seen in the video.

In addition, the film about privacy has been in the news for a few days, was widely shared on social media, and the majority of its users have now erased it. The video is still accessible on Twitter and YouTube, though.

Watch Woo Lotti Death Video

The identity of who shared the video and the authenticity of the video are still unknown. And in that regards, individuals are making every effort to ascertain the brain behind the viral video online and where it first appeared. Also, because it was recorded at night, the footage is blurry.

His true age has not yet been verified online. Lotti was a talented rapper who aspired to achieve greatness in the rap world, but sadly, his goals remained unfulfilled. Fans still remember his tragic passing because it occurred so suddenly. His memories and his desire to become a great rapper are brought back by the video, which is presently dominating social media platforms.

Watch Woo Lotti Death Video

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