Who is Buba girl on TikTok and why is she trending?

Esther Raphael, often known as “The Buba Girl,” is a well-known Nigerian TikToker who is currently dealing with difficult circumstances as a result of an alleged video leak purporting to show her engaging in pornographic content. This episode has sparked a large conversation about issues like online abuse, privacy, and the particular difficulties faced by social media influencers.

Esther Raphael, who is renowned for creating interesting and dynamic material for TikTok, is currently the center of attention after news broke about a leaked film that allegedly depicts her engaging in lewd behavior during a live session. Rumor has it that this predicament is a result of an attempted blackmail incident that took place more than a year ago. She allegedly refused to comply with the blackmailers’ requests, which led to the eventual internet publication of the video.


When a video labeled “Buba Girl Esther Raphael Leaked Video” started to circulate online, the public became aware of this incident. The video quickly gained a lot of attention and became the topic of discussions on numerous social media sites. As a result, Esther Raphael’s name swiftly rose to the top of the list of hot topics on the internet.

This purported occurrence serves as a sharp reminder of the less positive parts of the online world, emphasizing the dangers and challenges that influencers and content producers may run against.

The case of Esther Raphael highlights how vulnerable public personalities are to internet harassment, extortion, and the unlawful alteration of private content for nefarious purposes.

Sadly, as this story is still developing, a video that purports to show Esther Raphael having sex with her boyfriend has surfaced on Twitter.

On the microblogging platform, this video has gotten a lot of attention and is now a well-known trend. Below are pictures of Buba Girl, who regrettably became a trending subject on social media due to circumstances that shed a bad light on her.

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