Artyom Anoufriev And Nikita Lytkin: Copycat Teenage Serial Killers Of Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs

Nikita Lytkin and Artyom Anoufriev were social outcasts who despised society and humanity. The adolescent misanthropes stunned Russian society by attacking seemingly unrelated victims with a mallet and a knife.


Because the attacks were usually launched from behind, the survivors were unable to provide any useful information to the investigators.

The serial killers claimed 15 victims, six of whom died. At least one of the attacks was videotaped and shared on Russian social media, depicting a woman’s dead body being butchered with a knife.

The camera used to capture the attack belonged to Nikita’s uncle, who discovered an SD card with a terrible video of their latest victim, Alevtina Kuydin.

Because the attacks took place in and around Irkutsk’s Akademgorodok (Academy Town), the two were called The Academy Maniacs.

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Artyom Anoufriev & Nikita Lytkin

artyom anoufriev

The two demons met at a mutual friend’s birthday celebration; in actuality, the guys didn’t have many acquaintances and were socially isolated.

They instantly clicked since they were both depressed, from similar socioeconomic backgrounds, and despised society.

Artyom grew up without a father, and his childhood circumstances were only mentioned positively during the trial.

From his upbringing was anything from typical; his mother Nina, an insurance business accountant, encouraged him to despise others, humiliated him publicly, and told him he was always surrounded by enemies.

Artyom was a white-power skinhead for a while and even took part in the Russian March, a nationalist protest. During the trial, Artyom’s mother testified that her son was beaten by a group of Armenians, leaving him psychologically traumatized.

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However, there is another side to the story: Artyom insulted an Armenian family on social media.

Nikita was reared by her single mother, who worked as a shoe store clerk. His father tried multiple times to mend the family’s strained connection, but he always departed, making young Nikita even more frustrated.

During the investigation, his mother Marina called the main reason for her son’s criminal and antisocial behavior the absence of a father.

Killing spree

The youngsters were inspired by Alexander Pichushkin, popularly known as The Chessboard Killer, a legendary Russian serial killer whose goal was to kill 64 people – the number of squares on a chessboard.

Also by the so-called Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs, Ukrainian serial killers who made horrible recordings of their murders in the hopes of becoming wealthy one day with the stuff they generated. Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs are most known on the Internet for the video 3 Guys 1 Hammer.

The Hunt

Every day from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m., the search for casualties began. They sometimes spent weeks looking for the proper victim – someone weak and helpless to resist.

The pair wanted to practice killing before claiming their first victim. They used a mallet to hit Anastasia Markov, 18, in the head and fled; happily, the girl survived. They later followed an unfamiliar woman in a similar fashion and stole her bag.

The assassination spree began on December 1, 2010, when 12-year-old Danil Semyonov was targeted. Unknowingly, a mallet was used to strike his head, followed by a baseball bat.

16th of December, 2010 — The lifeless body of Olga, 69, was discovered approximately 20 yards from the murder scene of tiny Danil Semyonov.

There were up to 30 stab wounds on her torso, but her valuables were unharmed. Investigators were unable to connect the two incidents since Danil’s murder was ruled out as an accident. Artyom and Nikita recorded themselves discussing their intention to murder someone.

They also videotaped the murdering process, which they later shared on social media.

1 January 2011 — A mallet was used to break the skull of an unknown individual. The poor man passes away in the hospital. Because he is homeless, he is known as Corpse Number 20.

21 February 2011 — Alexander Maximov was the next victim, who simply wanted to go home after a few beers. He was discovered with a completely fractured jaw and head.

The ill couple attempted to extract the victim’s eyeballs but were unsuccessful due to their lack of knowledge of human anatomy.

March 11, 2011 — Roman Fayzullina, another homeless man, was shot twice in the head with an air gun and severely beaten and stabbed to death.

Nikita attempted to sever the hand, but the knife was too little, so they had to make do with a single finger. Artyom photographed the corpse from his apartment window later that night.

April 3, 2011 — Alevtina Kuydin, another homeless victim, was killed in the same manner as the other victims.

However, this time the boys decided to capture their latest achievement; on the video, you can see them mocking their deceased victim, attempting to hack off an earlobe, a wrist, and eyeballs, but failing miserably. They then decide to abandon the earlobe in front of a high school.

Nikita’s uncle discovered an SD card containing the same heinous film and immediately reports it to the authorities. The footage is hosted on LiveLeak, but be sure you want to see it because it’s quite explicit. I forewarned you. Here’s a link to it.

A rough transcript of the video:



A hobo! Haha

No one there?

F*ck them

[Stabs in the head]

F*ck, I can’t fucking touch it

Don’t touch anything!

[Ear cutting]

Faster, there’s nothing interesting

But that’s scary, uh bitch! (They are afraid someone will see them)

[Stops cutting, sticks a knife in the eye]

Uh, that’s disgusting! What to do?

Cut off her hand

F*ck it! An ear is fine too

Okay, let’s go

Arrest and aftermath

When Artyom was sentenced to life in a special regime colony, he argued he couldn’t be a fascist because his grandfather was a World War II warrior. He only pleaded guilty to one murder.

Nikita was minor at the time of his offenses and received a sentence of 24 years.

The boy’s YouTube channel is still active.

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