Crocodile Eats Dog in Front of Horrified Owner & Guests

A little dog noted for chasing the eleven-foot monster into the sea was devoured by a crocodile in Australia. The dog had harassed the reptile for ten years.

The saltwater crocodile did not flee towards the water when the dog ran at its head, to the terror of the resort visitors who had gathered to watch the sight.


Instead, the crocodile “did what crocs do” and clasped the dog in its teeth before plunging back into the water, according to the dog’s owner Kai Hansen.

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Mr. Hansen claimed he was “really sad” and had not seen the horrific video of the incident that passersby had recorded.

Crocodile Eats Dog

However, he said that he did not hold the 220 lb. crocodile responsible for attacking his 15 lb. dog.

“It was something that had a high probability of happening sometime,”

Mr. Hansen told ABC News. “She’s not acting inappropriately; rather, she’s simply doing what crocodiles do.

She actually poked fun at me a few times in the beginning. No one is permitted to enter that area now, so I just throw food out from the top.

Crocodile Eats Dog

In the Northern Territory, south of Darwin, Mr. Hansen manages the Goat Island Lodge, a shabby lodge on the Adelaide River that is home to crocodiles.

Visitors recorded the dog being eaten and could hear the dog breathing and screaming.

A crocodile expert, Adam Britton, said the creature should not be destroyed for eating the dog and may not necessarily attack humans.

He said that crocodiles had mastered the art of pursuing “large prey items” after successfully attacking humans.

“The dog got right up close to the crocodile’s head,” Mr. Britton told ABC News.”

That essentially sets off a reflex reaction, and when you get that near to a crocodile’s head, it doesn’t even stop to consider it; it instantly strikes.

To put it frankly, it’s a little bit different if a crocodile bites a human because it might end up with [another] enormous prey item.

According to Mr. Britton, the incident serves as a warning to people to avoid crocodile habitats, especially if there are small dogs nearby.


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