Here are 15 signs she is not a virgin – Don’t get deceived

It is a common and healthy thing to know about the personal life of your partner. That way, you can be rest assured that you have some level of knowledge about them, things they have done in the past, and how they have lived their lives in previous relationships. If you are mature-minded, in a serious and committed relationship, in my opinion, you are entitled to ask your partner questions about his or her sexual life. Mostly when the connection is leading towards a lifetime commitment (marriage).

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There are some questions you might want to ask her, such as: how many past relationships she has had, you may also want to know about her body count, etc. More intentionally, You might be curious to know if she is still a virgin or not. She might tell you the truth or lie about their virginity.

15 signs she is not a virgin

Notwithstanding what she tells you, here are 15 signs that may reveal if she is experienced (disvirgined) or not.

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Note that: These are just mere speculations. Finding the truth from her is usually the best way to know her status.

15 signs she is not a virgin

1. If she is highly confident of what she wants. Virgins are more indecisive about what they want.

2. If she possesses high self-esteem.

3. The way she responds to the question, “Are you still a virgin?”

4. When you have your first kiss with her reveal if she is a virgin.

5. When she flirts with you at every given opportunity.

6. During discussions, she stares into your eyes conveniently.

7. If she is too playful and mischievous around you.

8. If she understands body language.

9. Her confidence around men is also a giveaway to the fact that she is not a virgin.

10. When she goes out on a date with condoms and contraceptives in her bag.

11. The way she reacts when she sees you almost naked. Like putting on singlet and boxer shorts.

12. How sophisticated she is with her makeup.

13. The trendy and revealing clothing she wears.

14. How she reacts in a compromising position or intimate circumstance.

15. How she reacts and her responses towards the topic of sex.

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