Stephanie Boedé (Emmanuel Eboue’s wife) Bio, Age, Net Worth

Former Arsenal player Emmanuel Eboue was among the highest-paid footballers at the time and earned a respectable living playing the game. However, the footballer’s career didn’t turn out well owing to unanticipated circumstances.


This former right back for the Ivory Coast was born in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, on June 4, 1983 (when he was 37 years old).

He began playing football for ASEC Mimosas, traveled to Europe in 2002 to play for Belgium’s Beveren, joined the English team Arsenal, and finished his career with the Turkish Giant Galatasaray.

The former Arsenal footballer and his Belgian wife Aurélie, whom he married before joining Arsenal, had three children together.

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Eboué claimed to be poor and homeless as a result of his divorce and unsuccessful investments made while still married to his ex-wife in a December 2017 interview with the Sunday Mirror.

In June 2019, he noted that the divorce, which caused him to lose money, had also caused him to suffer mentally.

The football player made about €7 million during his career, and Aurèlie managed to escape with it as well as his mansion in the UK. As it was claimed that the football player nearly killed himself.

After failing to pay his ex-agent Sebastien Boisseau €1 million in debt for his transfer to the Turkish Super Lig in 2011, Eboue received a one-year suspension.

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He remembered having to lie to his kids and tell them he worked for a club during the time of the suspension when he was unable to play or train with any clubs.

Emmanuel Eboue then got married again in 2019, to his hometown lover Stephanie Boedé who had been with him while at ASEC Mimosas before he moved to Europe, which he abandoned.

Who is Stephanie Boede second wife of Emmanuel Eboue after he was cleaned out by ex-wife Aurelie Bertrand in divorce

“It’s not nice when people think Emmanuel Eboue lost everything… My two residences, money, and the automobiles I owned in England were all given to my wife because the court determined that my divorce case was won by her.

I wasn’t concerned since I knew she would use the money to take care of my kids, so I wasn’t afraid.

Eboue expressed his sadness with the divorce’s outcome and added that he has property in both Ghana and his native Ivory Coast. “I thank God for my comfortable life.

Therefore, when people continue to assert that Emmanuel Eboue has nothing, is unable to eat, or is without a place to stay, it is not true, he emphasized.

Emmanuel Eboue bounces back after divorce and financial troubles

The 37-year-old marries Stephanie Bodé, an old acquaintance from childhood, after returning to his native Ivory Coast. According to Emmanuel Eboue, he will retire from football in October 2020. Currently, he owns and directs a football academy in Ivory Coast.

Childhood sweethearts Stephanie and Emmanuel attended the same school in Abidjan. After Emmanuel’s divorce from his ex-wife, the two later were married in Ivory Coast in 2018.

Fans of Eboue, who were inspired by his athletic achievements, reportedly expressed great concern when they learned of his bankruptcy.

But Eboue has now set the record straight, saying that he has gotten through his problems and is doing well.

Who is Emmanuel Eboue?

Right-back Emmanuel Eboue formerly represented the Ivory Coast in club football. Before moving to Beveren, Belgium, he began his career at ASEC Mimosas in his home country. He gained notoriety as a player while spending six years at Arsenal, where he twice won the FA Cup.

Later, Eboue played for Galatasaray and Sunderland, but his career was cut short by emotional and financial issues. He claimed to be depressed in 2017 because he had lost everything to his ex-wife in a contentious divorce.

He was able to overcome his issues, though, and now he is in charge of an Ivory Coast football academy.

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