Watch Adam Britton Dog Video: Cerberus Puppies Video Viral

Watch Adam Britton Dog Video – Cerberus Puppies Video

Crocodile expert Adam Britton created a series of zoosadistic shock recordings at McMinns Lagoon, Australia.

Although the video series was initially given no name, Dredderf (also known as Coolgnomechannel or Coolgnome) later gave it the name “1 Bitch 9 Pups”.

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An unnamed 51-year-old Australian man who used the Telegram handle “Cerberus” is the suspect behind the video series.

It is thought that he tortured, disfigured, raped, and killed 20 to 25 canines over a period of several years.

adam britton dog video

Watch Takuhub as well. The Twitter electricity video of Amy RileyPit bulls were the majority of the dogs he murdered, and he claimed in a Telegram chat message that he loves pit bulls and pit bull hybrids in particular because they “fucking eat everything.”

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After killing the dogs, he would keep most of their bodies in baskets. Occasionally, he would cook and roast a few of the dead dogs and feed them to his new victims.

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