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10 Activities Couples Should Engage In

The American socialite Kim Kardashian made an appearance on “The Tonight Show” on Tuesday of last week. She discussed her skincare regimen and how her relationship with comedian Pete Davidson has greatly improved it.

10 Activities Couples Should Engage In

She claimed that their relationship had really grown since getting acne treatment. In fact, Davidson has volunteered to defend Kim from pimple attacks like her knight in shining armor.


“I kept on talking all night. ‘Oh my God, I have this pimple, I have this pimple. Don’t let me fall asleep. I have to put pimple medicine on it before I go to sleep. I fell asleep, forgot, and woke up in the morning with dry pimple medicine on my face. He put it on in my sleep. Such a gentleman,” Kim swooned.

This is merely one of those uncommon things that strengthens relationships between partners and does wonders for both their intimacy and general wellbeing. Here are some activities you and your partner can do together besides treating pimples.

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1. Return to where you initially met.

Make it a practice to travel or go on a tour to the location of your first meeting. According to matchmaker Susan Trombetti, it will keep the hilarious stories you look back on with nostalgia and the memories of the honeymoon stage alive.

2. Holidays should be lavish.

Make milestone and date celebrations a big part of birthdays and holidays. They don’t just signal a reason to celebrate; they also herald fresh starts, a year of shared affection and health.

“They represent another chance to start a fresh slate together for the coming year,” Nikki Martinez, psychologist.

3. Examine each other for any indications of illness.

At least once a year, establish a pattern for discussing health concerns. in particular, the skin and regions that you only feel safe revealing your spouse. What could be ordinary to you could be problematic to your partner.

4. Feed one another.

Martinez asserts that one of the most fundamentally nurturing things is food, and that feeding your partner will win them over. The introduction of a blindfold might significantly improve your sexual life.

5. The stranger game

Schedule a day when you can go out and behave as though you are complete strangers meeting for the first time. By assuming an entirely different identity, you can elevate it. A name change and backstory are provided. There may come a time when you can be more impulsive in this area of your relationship.

6. Clean up after each other.

Take the weekend off and switch off who does the housework. Putting yourself in your partner’s shoes will help you have a better understanding of what they do on their own and how that affects the relationship.

7. Stay the night in a hotel

You might need a change of scenery to feel like you’ve taken a vacation from your hectic schedule and demanding professions and lives. Make reservations for a room and treat your partner to room service, a massage, a bath, and other relaxing activities.

8. Spend the evening observing people.

Get out there and make new friends with folks you typically wouldn’t. You can discover a lot about your partner’s interests by people-watching. Additionally, it is a great way for groups to generate stories.

9. Enter a tense circumstance

According to relationship guru Danny Zoucha, purposely placing a couple in difficult circumstances might help them rediscover their strengths in relying on one another.

“You build the foundation of a long-lasting, incredibly passionate, rock-solid, able-to-stand-up to hurricanes romance that we all actually want, but few of us have the stomach to build,” he says. “When you leave yourselves no other option but to lean on one another during self-imposed stressful situations.”

10. Take a tech and internet detox

At least once a year, remove phones and other electronic devices from your time together and make the effort to reconnect for however long you choose.

If this is frightening,

Take part in a spooky activity.
When two people work together to overcome a fear, great things can happen, says Trombetti.

The adage “two heads are better than one” has been heard, and it might just be what you need to confront some of your anxieties or spooky activities. Whatever the action, whether it’s skinny-dipping or tasting a new, odd meal, your trust in one another will grow as a result.

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