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6ix9ine Net Worth 2022 (Forbes) How Rich is Tekashi69?


What is 6ix9ine’s estimated Forbes net worth for 2022? Here, the most dependable blog for celebrity net worth gives you all the information you need about 6ix9ine, including his complete biography, height, weight, career, age, personal life, and early years as well as his earnings, wife, and children.

6ix9ine Net Worth 2022 (Forbes) How Rich is Tekashi69?

And respond to all of your inquiries, such as: Is he married, divorced, or single? Did he understand Spanish? He and Jade still together? Are his inks genuine? How much did he demand per performance? How much money did 6ix9ine make? What is his daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly salary? Is he an alcoholic? What will be 6ix9ine’s estimated net worth in 2022, per Forbes? And more details with a ton of fascinating information that will satisfy all of your inquiries.

Name Daniel Hernandez
Net Worth $8 Million
Gender Male
Place of birth May 8, 1996
Place of birth New York City, U.S.
Nationality United States
Source of Wealth Five feet and 6 inches.
Weight 64 kg

6ix9ine: who is he?

One of the greatest American hardcore hip hop and songwriters is Daniel Hernandez, often known as Tekashi69 or 6ix9ine in the public and professional spheres. After releasing his debut track, “Gummo,” a sleeper smash, he gained notoriety.

6ix9ine Net Worth 2022 (Forbes) How Rich is Tekashi69?


His mixtape Day69 (2018) was subsequently published, and it was supported by the tracks “Kooda,” “Keke,” and “Gotti,” all of which reached the Billboard Hot 100 chart. As of the 2022 update, his projected net worth was above $10 million.

Biography of 6ix9ine

Tekashi69, also known as 6ix9ine, is a well-known American rapper and songwriter who was born in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York City, on May 8, 1996. He gained notoriety in late 2017 following the publication of his debut single, “Gummo,” which was his first song.

He was sentenced to four years of probation and 1,000 hours of community service after entering a guilty plea to the felony offense of using a juvenile in a sexual performance.

6ix9ine Net Worth 2022 (Forbes) How Rich is Tekashi69?

In 2018, he was detained on racketeering, firearms, and drugs allegations. In February 2019, he entered a guilty plea to nine charges, including conspiracy to kill and armed robbery, and accepted a sentence of up to 47 years in prison.

His private life

Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York City, USA, is where he was born and reared. He was a member of Mr. Daniel Hernandez’s and Mr. Natividad Perez-family, Hernandez’s who were both from Atlixco, Mexico.

Mr. Daniel Hernandez was from Ro Piedras, Puerto Rico. Her mother worked as a housekeeper and a factory worker when they immigrated to the United States in 1988 in search of brighter pastures. His girlfriend is “Rachel Wattley,” a former bartender and Instagram model known as “Jade.”

6ix9ine Net Worth 2022 (Forbes) How Rich is Tekashi69?

His first daughter, “Saraiya Hernandez,” is from Sara Molina, and his second daughter, “Briella Iris Hernandez,” was born in 2018 with his then-girlfriend Marlayna M. He is currently dating “Rachel Wattle,” also known as “Jade,” a well-known Instagram model and ex-bartender.

Most of 6ix9ine’s personal information was kept from the media. When we are finished with our research, we will update this article. So Please return soon to see the update.

What is 6ix9ine’s estimated Forbes net worth for 2022?

According to our research on Networth202.com, the well-known American hardcore hip hop artist known by his stage name 6ix9ine is thought to be worth $10 million as of the 2022 update.

What is the source of 6ix9ine’s income?

In 2022, how wealthy is Tekashi69 really?

What is 6ix9ine’s source of income?

The well-known American rapper and songwriter known as 6ix9ine has a variety of sources of income, which has helped him grow his wealth to over $10 million as of the 2021 update. He makes money through marketing, concerts, and other companies in addition to his professional vocation as a rapper, which accounts for the majority of his assets and net worth. As of the 2022 update, his net worth exceeds $10 million.

6ix9ine Net Worth 2022 (Forbes) How Rich is Tekashi69?

Age, height, and weight of 6ix9ine

On May 8, 1996, Daniel Hernandez, also known as Tekashi69 or 6ix9ine, was born. As to the 2022 update, he stands 5 feet tall and weighs roughly 68 kilograms.


Professionally known as 6ix9ine, popular American rapper, hardcore hip-hop musician, and composer has put out two studio albums, one mixtape, 29 music videos, and 13 singles. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has awarded gold and platinum certification to two of his singles and nine total.

Lists of his albums

Dummy Boy in 2018

Redd69 in 2019

Tattle Tales in 2020

His songs

“Keke” (with Fetty Wap and A Boogie wit da Hoodie) Kooda

“Tic Toc” (featuring Lil Baby)

“Rondo” (featuring Tory Lanez and Young Thug)



“Locked Up Pt. 2” (with Akon)

“Mala” (featuring Anuel AA)

“Waka” (featuring A Boogie wit da Hoodie)

“Mama” (featuring Nicki Minaj and Kanye West)

“Kika” (featuring Tory Lanez)


He was born on May 8, 1996, in New York City, United States.

He has an estimated net worth of $10 million as of the 2022 update.

He came into the limelight in late 2017 after releasing his debut single “Gummo,” which became a sleeper hit.

He had two daughters Saraiya Hernandez, and Briella Iris Hernandez, with different baby mama.

He’s currently in a relationship with the popular Instagram model and former bartender popularly called “Jade.”

He was born into the family of Mr. Daniel Hernandez from Río Piedras, Puerto Rico, and Mr. Natividad Perez-Hernandez fromAtlixco, Mexico. They both came to the United States in 1988 for a greener pasture.

He was sentenced to 13 months imprisonment in late 2019 for arranging a deal with the government prosecutors. He was scheduled to release from prison in August 2020. However, he was released earlier on April 2 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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