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Annie Idibia’s elder brother calls her out in bitter rant just months after another of her brothers disowned her (video)


Wisdom Macauley, who is one of Annie Idibia’s brothers. So much information is not know about him online but it seems the family has some scores to settle. He’s married with kids.

Wisdom Macauley, one of Annie Macauley Idibia’s elder brothers, took to Instagram to call his sister out. Wisdom, said he works for his sister Annie but she never pays him as she should, rather, she only sorts him out with pennies like “20K, 30K” and turned him into her “slave”.

He also mentioned that when she get’s angry, she stops giving him even the little amount of money.

He went on to explain that Tuface, her husband, recently sent him some money after a long time of begging but the money wasn’t enough to meet his family’s needs. In a video shared via his Instagram account, he apologised to Imo State indigenes for not paying his wife’s bride price and blamed his inability to pay on Annie not giving him money.


To worsen the whole thing, he went on to accused Annie of being a drug addict. He said: “Annie introduced me to drugs, hard drugs. Annie is a drug addict. She takes it every day. She’s so violent. “And it is the same way, she doesn’t have peace with anybody. She quarrels everybody. She fights everybody.”

He also accused Annie of not granting his wishes whenever he begs her for things.

He said: “She wouldn’t give me a car. I’ve been begging my sister for a car for many years to do Uber, for many years now, so that I can at least, on my own, provide for my family, provide for my wife and my three children. My sister has never responded to me.” He also accused Annie of using him. He said:

“She offered me to be her manager but at the end of the day, she turned me to be her errand boy, to a slave. “Annie is evil, like, she doesn’t want me to be able to stand on my own.”

He continued: “Every slight opportunity she will call my wife and insult my wife. She insults everybody. She’s violent. Every night she’s on drug, every day she’s on drug.” He added that since Annie wouldn’t buy him a car, he begged her for the smallest car in her compound so he can use for Uber but she refused.

He said he took the car on Wednesday morning, March 30, while leaving Annie’s house and she sent her driver together with some knife-wielding men to come after him. He eventually left the car on the road and ran away. He said his “life is at risk” and claimed that Annie has been sending threats to him.

He said: “I want Nigerians to know today that if anything happens to me or any member of my family, it is not far from Annie. I need help. I cannot continue like this, I’m scared. I don’t know what I’m going to do next. She’s on drugs. “She’s so violent. Annie is so violent. Annie is so ill-tempered…

Even her mother cannot talk to her.” This comes just months after her elder brother, Uduak Macauley, disowned her (read here).

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