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Meet Apostle Joshua Selman Spiritual Father


Who is Apostle Joshua Selman Spiritual Father? Well let’s find out in this article.

Who Is Apostle Joshua Selman’s Spiritual Father? Is the question everyone seems to be asking and wondering. All of AJS fans are curious to know who the spiritual father of Apostle Joshua Selman is, his name, Ministry, family, how he impacted him, etc.

Dear readers, so far we’ve made research on this topic and we’ve gotten some details about who Apostle Joshua Selman’s spiritual father is.

Who is Apostle Joshua Selman Spiritual Father

Apostle Joshua Selman has identify himself as a product of many encounters, he’s been impacted upon by great generals of God who have gone to be with the Lord and also are still alive. He revealed this in some of his messages that just as apostle Paul was converted and anointed, so is he.

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He was imparted by Kobus Van Rensburg of glorious memory. Apostle Joshua Selman explained in the message how he went to meet with Kobus Van before he transited to glory. His encounter with the man of God, connected him to the lineage of God’s generals. Watch video below.


Who is Kobus Van Rensburg

Kobus Van Rensburg (24 October 1952 – 21 December 2013) was a South African preacher, author, public speaker, and televangelist, Healer and Prophet. He founded ‘Spirit Word ministries.” Kobus Van Rensburg was known for his firm belief that the Word of God is power in itself, and must be explained by the Word and not by man’s theories, imaginations, world news reports and events.

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Kobus Van professed to have seen millions of documented Miracles, Healings, Signs and Wonders, and also that he died 7 times and came back from the dead. Kobus also believed according to the bible that people can be prosperous by practicing biblical and financial principles e.g. tithing, giving offerings, and having faith.

Apostle Joshua Selman and Kobus Van

Meet Prophet Kobus And Apostle Joshua Selman. This was one of the men(meaning he has met with some many other men), a God General who Apostle Joshua Selman was opportune to meet with before he went to be with the Lord.

Apostle Joshua Selman would always say; “I AM A PRODUCT OF MANY ANOINTING” Apostle Joshua Selman would always talk about his story of how he met with some old women who were begging, and that he wanted buying something from a man, then he met these old women there, and he took his money and bought it for them, then one of the women there said; “you will forever walk on gold”.

He’d also narrate the story of how he went to a program organized by Reinhard Bonnke(one of God’s General) and at then he was desperately seeking for the anointing, then he understood by the word that ” THE LESS IS BLESSED OF THE GREATER“, then he followed to help those under the anointing, and at salvation time, his eyes were opened and he saw the holy spirit as a big white dove flying above the people.

What you carry may not be enough for the journey ahead of you, you will need extra strength, grace and agility in meeting to that point of your fullest manifestation. Sometimes, we need to subscribe to a man’s grace to meet up to our full potential and stature in Christ and in our call in him; this is why the grace that we submit to is very important, and we should be very sensitive as to the grace we submit to whether its God’s permission for you.

What Apostle Joshua Selman said about Kobus Van

“I saw Kobus Van Rensburg single handedly raise thousands of people on wheel chairs and crunches, and I said to myself, this cannot be pretense and I went to South Africa fasting, while other people were just smiling, opening their teeth and behaving like fools. I went and lock myself and said, Lord, I came for business, I respect this custodian. See, I was so hungry and I stayed in the guest house of the Chief Usher of the Church and when it was time for the service, I sat down in the front row, passionately and hungry.

Before Kubus Van Rensburg started anything he called me out by prophecy and looked at me, and he said, I see you looking like Paul, you will be a custodian of deep revelations of the kingdom of God. All through the Pastor’s conference, he laid hand on me again and he taught something about the fathers of old. Let me tell you how passionate that man was.

He went round a tour, him and his friends. They went to the grave of Williams Braham and they said when they got to the grave, two of them fell on the floor, under the anointing. The people who bury him received nothing, but many years later a man came with a hunger and anointing rest on him. This is not witchcraft, it’s hunger, separate witchcraft from hunger, and it’s not human worship. Here is the link to the video again;

In conclusion, you can now agree with me that there was a great connection between Joshua Selman and Kobus Van. AJS contacted the mantle of the generals from Kobus Van.

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