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Areebajobs: what is Areebajobs and how to apply/register


Do you know that over 20 million people in Africa enter the labour market yearly, this translates to 1.6 million every month, 80,000 every day and 10,000 every hour. However, only about 3 million jobs are created annually in Africa. What a surprise isn’t?

This reveals the amount of jobs which needs to be made available in order to improve the standard of living of the citizens but due to the current economic and political Issues faced by Africa, this problem keeps growing, causing the unemployment rates of most African countries to skyrocket at an alarming rate with many youths working informally or underemployed and living in poverty.

The current problems faced by the continent leads to a large percentage of its population seeking greener pastures in other countries not only to better their lives but that of their children in countries like the UK, US, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands etc.

The procedures and steps necessary to facilitate this move can daunting but pales in comparison to the experience of being unemployed in Africa.


Studies have shown a significant improvement in the lives of immigrants who took the bold step in seeking employment outside Africa, reducing poverty, precarity and increasing prosperity which is what Areebajobs was created to solve.


The present situation faced by the continent leads to a large percentage of its population seeking greener pastures in other countries not only to better their lives but that of their children in countries like the UK, US, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands etc.

What is Areebajobs?

Areebajobs is simply a Digital, intelligent, job matching platform increasing the visibility, employability and autonomy of talents. It aims to provide African talents with access to secure work and sustainable opportunities while creating a more inclusive international labour market.

Areebajobs comes alongside an AI tool that assist candidates get access to job offers from around the world according to their profile and experience broadening the scope of their opportunities where skills and competence from Africa are well represented. This was the case for Chinedu Onuegbu in his own words.

“I created a profile on areebajobs.com job platform after I came across the MdATCH project on LinkedIn. Because I was intentional in the kind of jobs I wanted, I applied majorly for jobs which not only were suggested as good fit based on my career interest and experience by the Areebajobs.com AI system but were also part of the MATCH project.

Series of job applications and many interviews later, Chore-Time Europe BV a company based in the Netherlands found me as a perfect fit for the role of a Regional Sales Manager for West Africa.

It has been a smooth ride from day one of creating a profile on Areebajobs platform, the recruitment process, and through the on-boarding period.”.

So why does Areebajobs stand out?Saves Time: Most of the hassle of finding a job on other job search apps is in finding the right one. Job seekers usually must scroll through thousands of job opportunities before finding the right fit.

Areebajobs saves you that time as once you create your profile and upload your resume, Artificial intelligence on Areebajobs scans and processes your resume and matches you with job opportunities best suited to your profile.

This is less frustrating and time consuming. Companies and recruiters are not left out they do not have to spend as much time going through many applications from candidates instead once they post a job vacancy, they get only those applicants who have all their criteria and are well suited for the job making recruitment more efficient and productive.

Training: Most apps that connect job seekers with opportunities consider their work done when they send notifications for jobs that may or may not fit the job seeker.

Areebajobs takes it further by offering trainings solutions and career advice on important issues to the job seeker such as Resume building, soft skills training etc. which places the job seeker ahead of his counterparts.

Speed and Efficiency: The AI tool in the Areebajobs platform processes all resumes sent in and matches them to available vacancies within minutes*. This provides more opportunities from international recruiters worldwide.

Recruiters both local and international are not left out, as Areebajobs undergoes the task of going through hundreds of resumes from applicants which expedites the time-to-hire for recruitment managers and companies needing to hire frequently. They are able to search the Talent database to find suitable candidates in minutes*.

Since its launch on February 2020, thousands of job seekers have registered on the Areebajobs platform and gotten matched to jobs in countries like Belgium, Netherlands, Italy etc.

Companies from all over the world including BASF West Africa, International Organization for Migration (IOM) , Vallourec O&G Nigeria Ltd just to mention a few have endorsed Areebajobs.

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How does it work?

You can very well be on your way to finding that dream job in Europe and worldwide with three easy steps.

Step 1 – Sign Up and complete your profile using this link – https://bit.ly/Areebajobs

Step 2 – Upload your CV

Step 3 – Get matched to job vacancies and opportunities from around the world at the click of a button. Want to get a job abroad with relocation options?

So, what are you waiting for? Be like Chinedu Onuegbu.

Save the stress and hassle, Find your dream job on Areebajobs today! Share with your friends and family for international work opportunities with relocation option.

For help, support and additional information, kindly email – [email protected].


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