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Before Graduating, You Should Master These 3 Types Of Software


One of your goals as a student is to graduate from college and land a good career. Others might prefer to start their own businesses after graduating. In either scenario, every graduate must be proficient in 3 different types of software.

Before Graduating, You Should Master These 3 Types Of Software

You need to grasp various kinds of software because, among other things:

These programs are used by every business you visit, so you’ll save time and effort.

It is much simpler to learn these while still a student than it is to juggle learning these programs while working when you have multiple deadlines to meet.
These programs could also be required for personal projects.



Until you ultimately find a job that demands them or launch your own firm, you might not completely understand how important it is to be aware of them.

Before graduating, every student should be proficient in these 3 categories of software:

a spreadsheet program
Word processing software
an application for making presentations
Let’s examine each in greater depth now to see why you need them and which particular ones you ought to employ.

What computer programs do pupils need to master?

I will only include the most widely used versions of each type of software because it is likely that most businesses use those.

Spreadsheet software
Using Excel
Chrome Sheets
Microsoft Word
Windows Word
Making Presentations on Google Docs
Office PowerPoint
YouTube Slides
iWork Keynote

Applications for spreadsheets and the requirement for students to grasp them

A spreadsheet application is essentially any program that enables the tabular presentation of a set of data for storage or analysis.

The majority of the data gathered by businesses needs to be archived and examined. Although there are more sophisticated ways to store and analyze data, the majority of businesses, particularly governmental institutions, continue to utilize spreadsheets.

In fact, you need to be an expert user if you plan to work for any of these companies.

Spreadsheets are still used despite the availability of more capable data storage and processing tools because using them is simple and free.

You will discover how simple they are to use and how easy your life is made once you have control over the use of these spreadsheet applications.

By default, spreadsheet programs act as calculators and let you automate calculations.

Think about having to produce weekly profit and loss reports for the company as a sales representative. It will be quite difficult to complete these tasks manually.

However, these calculations become much simpler to perform with the aid of spreadsheet tools, and in a matter of minutes you will be done.

Let’s now discuss the two most widely used spreadsheet programs.

Using Excel

When people hear the word “spreadsheets,” they typically think of this because it is the most prevalent. Three formats are available for Microsoft Excel:

a desktop program
a cellular application
a web application
Check watch this video where I describe all three alternatives and how to obtain each one:

Getting Started with Microsoft Excel: Excel for Complete Newbies

You can also view the complete playlist for the lesson I made on Excel for Complete Beginners.

You can check out the many tutorials I’ve produced on the Techpady site to learn Microsoft Excel in a matter of days.

Chrome Sheets

Microsoft Excel has been replaced by Google Sheets, and many businesses and individuals are now progressively switching over to it.

The user interface isn’t all that far from Microsoft Excel’s. Therefore, if you are already familiar with using Microsoft Excel, you can probably utilize Google Sheets as well.

However, those who work remotely or in jobs that significantly rely on cooperation favor Google Sheets. It enables concurrent work on a single spreadsheet by numerous users without causing problems.

The history control function in Google Sheets is a significant additional factor in the growing popularity of this tool. This function ensures that any changes you make to your spreadsheet are preserved.

You can always keep track of who made modifications over time and what changes were done. If you choose, you can go back to an earlier version of your spreadsheet.

You can view some of the Google Sheets-based videos I’ve made here.

Word processing software and the requirement for pupils to grasp it

You probably utilized a word processing program in some capacity while you were a student. If you’ve ever been required to submit a soft copy of an assignment, you undoubtedly typed it using a word processing program.

You can create, edit, and print documents that include textual and some graphical features using word processing software (if needed).

Regardless of the size of the organization, these are tools that are employed everywhere. Almost every time you consider writing something, having access to word processing software is the first thing you consider.

You’re probably going to need word processing software whether you’re writing a letter, recording the minutes of a meeting, or creating an outline for a forthcoming show.

Microsoft Word and Google Docs are the two most widely used word processors available.

Let’s examine each of them individually.

Windows Word

If you’ve ever used a Windows computer, I’ll wager that you’ve used this program before. Due to the fact that it is by default available to all PC users, it is quite prevalent.

The menu structure of Microsoft Word is comparable to that of the majority of commonly used programs you can get online, making it quite simple to use. Consequently, moving around in it isn’t at all challenging.

The learning curve is very flat if you have never used it before as well. You can learn how to control them with a little work.

Some unique actions, nevertheless, can necessitate that you acquire the necessary skills. How to make a table of contents and how to add different page numbers to different sections of a document are two questions that many students continue to ask me.

If you don’t know how to accomplish any of the aforementioned, don’t worry. In fact, I have a YouTube playlist dedicated to Microsoft Office Word Tips and Tricks. Just have a look at them to assist you in learning Microsoft Word.

You can also look at this section of the website I created for the UK, where I shared some tips and solutions for frequent Microsoft Word problems.

Chrome Docs

The Google Docs interface is very similar to that of Microsoft Word, much like Google Sheets. A Microsoft Word aficionado can effortlessly move to Google Docs and vice versa.

Similar to Google Sheets, Google Docs has also started to gain popularity due to how simple it is to collaborate with others and the built-in version control system.

Multiple users can work on the same document simultaneously in Google Docs, and no changes are ever lost. For those who work from home, it has emerged as their preferred word processor.

Since switching to Google Docs, my team and I utilize it to create blog posts.

I have written many tutorials on Google documents to assist you in mastering it, and I currently have a number of them in the works.

If you enjoy reading tutorials, check out the Techpady Google Docs category. Alternatively, you can use the YouTube videos I’ve uploaded.

Applications for presentation makers and why students should master them

Software in this category is crucial for both graduates and students. You will be expected to give presentations in the workplace, just as you are taught to do in school.

You still can’t avoid this if you choose the entrepreneurial path because you need to develop pitch deck presentations to draw in money. You can also be required to share your thoughts with coworkers or potential clients.

If I were you, I would begin acquiring knowledge of these presentation-making programs as soon as possible.

The following are the top three presentation-making programs available today:

Office PowerPoint (available to users of the Windows OS)
iWork Keynote (available to users of the MacOS)
YouTube Slides (Good for people who work with a remote team)
Unfortunately, I haven’t written much about these kinds of applications, but I hope to publish some soon. When that happens, I might update this article.

However, one of my most watched videos on YouTube demonstrates how to convert a word document to a powerpoint presentation. You can also read our post on how to create a powerpoint presentation in portrait mode, which many people weren’t aware was possible.

In fact, having understanding of these three types of software gave me access to many roles and opportunities during my former employment at a government hospital.

You should really learn how to use at least three of these programs, one from each category, and I’ve given you the tools you need to do so.

Did I overlook any crucial software groups that students must learn?

It’s now time to hear from you as well:

Which of these programs are you intending to learn first, and did I overlook any significant software categories that you believe students should be familiar with?

In either case, please let me know by posting a comment below and let your friends know about it as well.


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