Biography of John Obidi – CEO Headstart Africa

John Obidi, Founder of Headstart Africa Community (Formerly SmartBcamp). He is a computer science graduate with a major in computer programming from Benson Idahosa University.

He founded Headstart Africa Community (formerly SmartBcamp), a community dedicated to closing the knowledge gap among working professionals in Nigeria. He started out as a Web Development and Programming Instructor in Benin in 2012.

Biography of John Obidi

In 2013, he started out his career in Social Media Strategy. Then, he worked with several brands and businesses. Onwards, John’s kept rising till he landed a giant client; MTN. With the aim of taking his brand to the next level, he started, a website that creates exposure for brands and businesses on the Internet; using Social Media.

The website is focused on empowering SMEs with tools and strategies to help them compete on a global level. He exposes businesses to ways in which they can leverage on social media to increase sales and revenues. He is also a consultant who offers consulting solutions and training to his clients.

Personal Development with John Obidi

In 2014, John started SmartBCamp; a community that bridges the gap between working professionals across various professions in Nigeria. SmartBCamp sprang up from John’s weekly Smart Business Teleseminars with people tuning from various countries; all around the world.

SmartBCamp is majorly attractive because of all the information accessed on it are totally free! Avance Media listed John as one of the 100 Most Influential Young Nigerians in the category of Personal Development and Academia. The young and smart innovator was nominated for The Future Awards Africa Prize for New Media. Channels Television regularly hosts him on their Tech Trends.

Other Major Achievements of John Obidi

Entrepreneur, Consultant, Speaker, Author & Founder Headstart Africa. In a population of about 180 million people, John Obidi was listed as one of the most influential young Nigerians in Personal Development and Academia in 2017 & 2018 by Avance Media.

John is a Social Media Strategist, Online Business Consultant and founder of Headstart Africa a 140,000 member strong community of experts and thought leaders.

Photo: John Obidi award

He was nominated twice for the Future Awards prize for new media and won in 2018. He has been featured in Rise Networks as Youth of the Week. He has also been featured on so many platforms. See some below:

Watch John Obidi speaking Brazilian language

FAQ about John Obidi

Who is John Obidi?

John Obidi, Founder of Headstart Africa Community (Formerly SmartBcamp). John Obidi is a computer science graduate with a major in computer programming from Benson Idahosa University.

When did John Obidi start Headstart Africa?

He founded Headstart Africa Community (formerly SmartBcamp), a community dedicated to closing the knowledge gap among working professionals in Nigeria. He started out as a Web Development and Programming Instructor in Benin in 2012.

John Obidi Relationship

For now, John Obidi hasn’t officially announced his girlfriend yet. But one could tell that a successful young entrepreneur like him would have a fiance.

John Obidi Networth

His exact networth hasn’t been been revealed but we know he is what thousands of dollars. He is a millionaire

John Obidi Website

The URL to his website is Here you’ll find more interesting informations about him and also get to contact him personally. You can also read words of wisdom from his wisdom blog too.

John Obidi Age

He was born on the 9 of September. He started out as a Web Development and Programming Instructor in Benin in 2012.

On his 2021 birthday celebration, John share a bit of his story. We have some details here for you to read:

John Obidi

The story of John is a long one but I’ll peg this post to the chapters that immediately concern most of us here – Headstart Africa. In December 2015, I had a decision to make – spend Christmas with my parents or spend it vacationing in Brazil. I chose Brazil, and though my father had his reservations, he kept them to himself and wished me safe travels.

On that trip, I was enamoured with the Brazilian ecosystem and did not intend to return. I began making plans to remain there permanently. To me, there was no point returning to what I considered to be the unnecessary travails of pursuing purpose in Nigeria. Home is where the Wifi connects after all.

My plans were progressing as expected until I got the devastating news on the 28th of December 2015, that my dad had passed away. We’d spoken on the phone every single day that I was away and this was tough to process.

Anyway, as his first child, I had to return home to take charge of funeral arrangements. My father’s brothers were immensely helpful. Because of their roles in my upbringing, I wondered what social media meant by ‘village people’. I returned to Lagos in January 2016 and proceeded to my hometown in Ibusa, Delta State. Idid not know how to process grief and so I needed an escape.

All my life, I’d never tasted alcohol and I wasn’t about to start now. I was also too proud of my brilliantly sound mind to try drugs.Instead, while standing there at the burial site watching the labourers dig my father’s grave, I remembered a coaching session I’d attended. At that time, people did not really use Facebook Groups for anything resourceful.

There was only a handful of people doing so, and the most notable one was Victor Ekpo Bassey.He used to teach a course on Community Mastery then, and out of curiosity, I’d paid him for a session. After the session, I decided (in my mind) that building a community was not for me. I’d imagined that Victor Ekpo Bassey must have had superior anointing to administer a group of A WHOLE 2,000 MEMBERS! That was 6 months before.

Standing now at the burial site, I did not see it as hard anymore. My mind was reframing the task as infinitesimal because I did not want to have to grieve like a normal human being. There and then on 26th January, 2016, I whipped out my phone and created a Facebook Group called SmartBcamp (now Headstart Africa).

I showed up day and night to provide value and people marvelled at my dedication. LOL! Little did they know that it was my coping mechanism to work until I was dead tired, wake up and do it again.After the funeral, I spontaneously decided not to return to Brazil. I later made 3 more trips there, but only as a tourist.I decided that my work was in Nigeria, at least for that chapter of my life.

John Obidi

In these 5 years, I’ve had the privilege of forming some solid relationships and touching countless lives with my message. What was this message really? That regardless of your background, you could have the privilege of expressing your gifts at the highest levels of relevance IF…… IF you could see the ideological fence intentionally built around you as a 3rd world native and understand the systems of this world well enough to recognize the tools for seizing your defining moment.

When any external army wishes to bring down a people without physical violence, they target the mind – with ideologies that will cause you to stumble and be a snare unto yourself. This is where we are, given the current makeup of the social media minefield. Wisdom will be your defence, but you must continually seek to be clothed in its armour.

Thanks to everyone for the birthday messages and gifts. Happy birthday to everyone who also shares my birthday, especially Stella Owala. Your messages and accolades were a joy to read and hear. J.O

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