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Biography of Nene Olajide – age, Music Career, Relationship


Biography of Nene Olajide – Age, Music Career, Relationship.

Biography of Nene Olajide
Minister Nene Olajide

Nene Olajide is a Nigerian, gospel artist, music coach, Songwriter and Gospel minister. Nene Olajide hails from Ogun State, Nigeria. She was brought up in Kaduna State (Northern part of Nigeria).

Brief History

Nene Olajide speaks Hausa fluently. Nene Olajide was born on the 13th of August in Kaduna. Nene as she’s popularly called, found her love for music at an early stage and since then, she has been devoted to using her gift(singing) to be a blessing to lives globally.

Quick Facts About Nene.

Here are interesting things about Nene

Full nameNene Olajide
Current locationAbuja
Hit songKomai na naka ne

Nene Olajide’s Music Ministry and Career.

She is the original writer and singer of the hit song “Komai na naka ne” which in hausa literally means “My everything is yours” which is among her recent album “LIGHT”. This song was one of her song that brought Nene to the lime light and changed her life, giving her music ministry so much attention.

Nene Olajide is also a member of the renowned Emergency Crew– a music ministry that housed some of the best music ministers from Kaduna and beyond. She was however one of the earliest to join hands with the crew and so became a well known face of the Emergency Crew.

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Aside from being a music coach and a songwriter, she also runs a nondenominational meeting every month. A gathering that deals with young adults and teenagers. This has been running for over five years now. The meeting focuses on fabricating a creative mindset in the targeted audience and rekindling their spirit into deeper access to God and his ways.

There is also an annual meeting called “WAY OF THE SPIRIT”. A yearly program that has birthed several miracles and transform lives- one with an unusual atmosphere and experience.

Nene Olajide
Nene ministering at Intl Music Ministers conference, Dunamis Intl Church, Abuja

Nene Olajide’s Songs

Nene Olajide over the years has released spirit lifting songs, that don’t just bless you but leaves you with a deeper hunger for God. Some of her songs include:



Nene Olajide shares the secret behind her songs

Some days before her 2021 birthday celebration, Minister Nene took to her Facebook page to tell fans how her songs came to her. See post:

YESHUA REIGN’S After a long time of silence, let me share little from the song birthing. Here lies the ruins of my old wounds. These are not birthmarks, they are scars. Today I show you the scars that chronicles the tale of an old car on our way from Abuja.

It was on our way back from Abuja after AZUSA CAMP MEETING at REVIVAL ASSEMBLY -LAGOS With pretty smiles from greedy miles, all I could remember was a ghastly rise into a number of tumbles. We had several serious summersaults and after the complete closure of my eyes, my breath totally left.

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A lot happened. Half death and gone. Not knowing left from right, or black from white. I was just down seeing only darkness. Thick darkness. already giving up. Team members were already crying & weeping for the soon to die Nene.But in the efficacy of ardent prayers, from nowhere, life came!previously before this experience we had unexplainable experience at PORT HARCOURT after 8 hour’s of prayers & intensive worship on behalf of one of our member who develop strange illness but miraculously God intervene & show us mercy, Healed Him.

The numbers of song’s Heaven showered on us, was uncountable, that encounter introduce me to a realm of sound’s How… I cannot explain. It was a miracle that was a miracle in itself. Such a miraculous miracle!God brought me back. My body responded back to animation. Suddenly, strength came and I was revivified. And it unbelievably happened as though it was in a movie.I opened my eyes and searched around with my eyeballs in a little dilemma trying to figure out where I was.

On realising I was still at Abuja – Express Way to Kaduna, I broke into tears. An ocean flowed from my eyes that day.And when I opened my mouth, what came out was a confirmation of the song; “Komai na naka ne, Komai na naka ne” (all I have is Yours) or (My everything is Yours)No plan, No practice. It was as though I was already taught the song in another world. It was one of those songs that came to me directly from God already crafted in complete heavenly symphony. And from my heart, it was my way of responding to the Mighty saving Hands of God in my life– surrendering all to Him, weeks after I recorded the sound.

Month after my crew and I went about for prayer meetings and revival gatherings. We shared the story as much as we could where we can, and unconsciously, the song slowly became an anthem– from our Jerusalem, a small town in Kaduna, down to the confide of the entire State. The song started going to places I have never gone to. And God started bringing men to support the vision of the ministry that He has given to me.

My team supported the dream. All of it was like a dream, but it was all God. Testimonies started flowing in like never before. Fathers and mothers recited the song in joyfulness.Indeed I agree, when God give songs to His servants, it goes to nations to sound His alarm. We have had people who recovered from illnesses, traumas, attacks and even those who came to give their lives to Jesus through the song. And the journey is still on.

A pastor shared that his wife was having complications in the labor room, but to the shock of everyone, she raised the song in pains and boom! A save delivery!The mission is to drag men to the feet and power of Christ. To call into service men that will abandon their all to Jesus.What is your own testimony about the song Komai na naka ne?

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Nene speaks on how she draws strengths amidst negative

“It seems that people are attracted to negative energy. They get thrilled by it. Hence, a negative news always has better ratings than a good news.Infact, media outlets noted quite well that stories of good news actually bore most viewers. When there is a breaking news, people usually turn in better.

When there are stories involving mysterious happening, the number of viewers adds tremendously and greatly increases.The devil has already mastered the act of how controversy pulls in a crowd of viewers. I have understood this strategy for long, so anytime the arrows of negativity are shot at me in order to create a bad breaking news, I draw strength from my inner ability as the spirit guide my heart just like David who also understood this thing, hence he encouraged himself in the Lord.”

Nene Olajide


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