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While Warzone 2.0 didn’t get off to the best of starts, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s campaign and multiplayer fared excellently. Of course, there will always be strange errors or malfunctions in a game of this size, but everything has gone rather smoothly—more information is available in the article below.


Revelations from the Call of Duty lobby Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, the follow-up to the 2019 reboot of the Modern Warfare franchise, will be released on October 28.

Activision has also confirmed the availability of an all-new Warzone experience alongside the premium new Call of Duty title. In a short length of time. Fans have christened the new Battle Royale “Warzone 2,” promising a completely new Warzone experience.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 continues the story of Task Force 141 while offering an all-new multiplayer experience. Despite the fact that the game is still more than two months away from release, numerous NFL players have been allowed to have an early glimpse at it, with many sportsmen uploading images on social media.


Call Of Duty Lobby Leaks

call of duty lobby leaks

It looks to be part of the plan, although certain details appear to be from the future. At this moment, it appears to be part of the strategy, but information regarding the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has leaked as a result of a special event involving NFL players.

Activision invited the Los Angeles Rams to play an early version of the multiplayer shooter this week, which resulted in a few players showing up to unannounced content before deleting their tweets and replacing them with generic images of event banners.

Call Of Duty Reddit Leaks Call Of Duty Reddit Leaks

Playing Call of Duty: Warzone (and the impending Warzone 2) against people with similar skill levels and kill/death ratios can be both fun and difficult. Nothing surpasses outwitting a skilled opponent and winning the game for your squad.

However, skill-based matchmaking (SBMM), which matches you with people of a similar ability level, rapidly becomes tedious. Sometimes you just want to relax and shoot some simple targets while climbing the leaderboard.

Removing both lobbies from practice matches and avoiding SBMM, on the other hand, are not game features. The good news is that using a VPN increases accessibility.

The finest VPN can assist in bypassing COD’s SBMM and gaining access to bot lobbies. It will also defend you from any DDoS assaults and may lower your ping.

Warzone 2: How To Fix Friend List Not Working?

The solution is simple: we will ignore the broken social tab and instead construct a channel. A channel is an in-game party in which numerous people can participate and use voice chat while not being in the same lobby.

You can invite people to games from the channel list because it works as intended (unlike everything else). Here’s how to begin with a channel:

  • To bring up the menu on the right, click Start.
  • To open the “Channels” menu, click once on the right.
  • To “create,” press the triangle / Y key.
  • Enter a name for your channel, and it will be created.
  • Scroll down to this newly created channel and press Triangle/Y for “Invite Players.”
  • Add the friends you want to join, after which they must accept the channel invitation.
  • Once everyone is in a channel, use this menu to select and invite individual members:

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