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Catch Cruise Slangs Meaning and how to use it


The word Catch Cruise is not a new word to most people in Nigeria because this slang has been trending for a long time. However, some people still don’t know the meaning and how to use it while conversing with someone.

The Slang word ‘Catch Cruise’ simply means to ‘follow trends‘ or just ‘having fun’ mostly at the expense of people’s joy and happiness. It could also mean living an extravagant Lifestyle either with your own money/resources or someone else’s.

For example;

Bro, na your new babe be that?(Bro is that your new girlfriend?)


Ans: No, I just they he her catch cruise. (No she’s not, I’m just using her to catch some fun)

To catch cruise also means to do something or enter into something with the main aim of joking with it and not taking it seriously just to have fun for the main time.


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