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DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Heralds Book 3 With Explosive Trailer


Netflix might be taking it’s time gradually when it comes to producing new movies, but soo many of originals are still debuting or returning and DOTA: Dragon’s Blood is one such show.

It’s an animated video game adaption that premiered in March 2021. After two seasons full of eight episodes, the show is coming back for another batch this August 11.

Dragon’s Blood follows Dragon Knight Davion, a hero in search to make the world a safer place. After uniting with the soul of an elder dragon, he sets off on a fated journey to take care of Terroblade, a horror who wants to exterminate all dragons and steal their souls.

Watch new trailer below to have a insight into this great movie and adventure.


DOTA: Dragon’s Blood gets its inspiration from Dota 2, the famous multiplayer online battle arena created by Valve in 2013. Characters like Terrorblade and Davion (known in-game as Dragon Knight) come straight from the source.

Notwithstanding, they’ve been tweaked quite a bit to fit into an ongoing narrative rather than a competitive multiplayer game.


I want you to know that Dragon’s Blood is one of Popular video game adaptions for Netflix, as well as several incoming shows. Cyberpunk 2077 is the inspiration for Edgerunners, a ten-episode anime that works as a side story for the open-world game.

They also have the live-action adaption of The Witcher chugging along and several shows spawning from the creators of a successful anime adaption of Castlevania.


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