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Everything To Know About Adonitology, A Religion Where Men Worship Women’s Butts. As


As you may already know, religion is a common practice in our various communities. It is part of our daily lives. Because these religions have their own system of behaviours, practices, and ethics, etc. they somewhat determine who we are.

How Many Religions Are In The World?

Currently, there are 4,200 religions in the world. Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and many more. One religion that has caught the attention of many is Adonitology.

What Is Adonitology?

Adonitology is a 21st century religion where followers worship big curvy women’s butts.

Who Founded Adonitology?

Founder of Adonitology
Founder of Adonitology

King Adonis, who is the founder of the religion and believed to be a reincarnated version of God. The religion has well over 20 million followers worldwide and is known to empower women with curves and big butts and also help its followers to achieve enlightenment and happiness.


The church of Adonitology

Just like any other religion, this jaw-dropping religion has its own place of worship called the Church of Adonitology. The Church was founded by King Adonis who many often referred to as the Heavenly Father.

Adonitology beliefs

According to the church’s website, the core aim of the religion is to create a world filled with peace, harmony, prosperity, and the love of King Adonis I. Through the church, King Adonis aims to empower curvy women, help people discover self-love and accept themselves, and also to spread the love to their families, communities, countries and the world entirely.

The Book of Adonitology

The book of Adonitology

Just as other religions like Christianity, Islam, have their religious books (the Holy Bible and Holy Quran respectively) that contain the practices, morals, beliefs, prophecies, and ethics of the religion, so does Adonitology have the Book of Adonitology.


The Book is believed to be sacred. It is the supreme authority and living source of all Adonitology teaching. It is also contains the tradition, practices, rituals, ethics, and laws of the religion.

When Was The Book of Adonitology Published?

The Book of Adonitology was written by King Adonis and was published as The Holy Book of Adonai in 2011.


Followers of Adonitology are called Adonitologists. Based on the practices of the religion, an Adonitologist is a fully enlightened and must have completely transformed his/her mind from the three ills of life which are poverty, self-destruction, and ignorance.

Adonitology meaning

How Many Followers Are In The Religion?

As earlier stated, Adonitology has over 20 million followers worldwide. Many of its followers, however, are from North and South America. Some of its followers have spread to other parts of the world such as the U.S., U.K., Greece, Brazil, Asia and Africa.


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