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Five Reasons Why Your Ex Is Still Calling You


Does your ex frequently call you and this baffles you? Sometimes you’re just wondering if they know that the relationship is over.
There are a few reasons why it is so. We will be discussing some in this article.

Five Reasons Why Your Ex Is Still Calling You
Reasons your ex is still calling you

1. They Don’t Know How To Move On

Most people find it hard to move on after a breakup, and your ex just might be one of these people. You need to be firm to let them know that you meant it when you broke up with them.

2. You New Partner

Sometimes the reason why your ex keeps calling you is that they are jealous of your new relationship. They may have seen a picture of you and your new partner on social media and felt jealous.

3. They Just Want To Spite You

Some exes can be so petty. He or she could call, text, or drop a message on your social media timeline to say something silly about your new partner’s looks or something just as annoying. You really don’t have to worry about them.

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4. Looking For A Second Chance

Sometimes your ex might just want a second chance with you. It is left for you to decide if you want him or her back or not.

5. They’re Lonely

He or she could just be feeling lonely and miserable and need to talk to someone, hence the calls.

Extra Tip:

If your relationship with him or her was more sexual, then that might just be the reason for the calls: sex.


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