Get the Inside Scoop on Shaq Yacht (Shaqapulco)

A basketball player’s height is usually 6 feet 7 inches. Anything taller than 6’7 would be exceptional. That is, after all, who owns the Shaq yacht.

Get the Inside Scoop on Shaq Yacht (Shaqapulco)

He stands out from the crowd for more reasons than just his height, though. He owns the million-shilling mega-mansion yacht known as “shaqapulco.”


Shaq Yacht Price

An astounding $130 million is the estimated value of the Shaq boat. The yacht can accommodate up to 24 guests and 40 people overall, including the crew, making it a spectacular setting for any celebration.


Shaq’s yacht has a gorgeous interior with roomy areas that are each thoughtfully created for a specific function.

For a stunning view of the sea, the main deck, for instance, may be opened and closed with glass panels.

A central spa pool inside the yacht with a retractable glass roof is one of its most eye-catching features. It is located after the main deck.

The spa pool is accessible to everyone who is hesitant to swim in the ocean.

A fully stocked bar with bar stools is located right next to the spa pool on the front deck. After a dip in the pool, guests can sit at the bar, which is surrounded by lounging pads.

You can still enjoy the water if the spa pool is too chilly by entering one of the two other hot tubs that encircle the spa.

A informal dining area is situated next to the hot tubs, with a covered balcony to keep the sun off while visitors relax and eat.

The interior of Shaq’s yacht is furnished with a piano in the middle and numerous drinking tables. A chandelier that serves both rooms hangs in the lounge area, which is located above the main eating area.

Because of this layout, everyone of the groups in each room may enjoy the piano’s enchanting tunes.

A fully furnished spa with a sauna and glass windows overlooking the water is located within the yacht.

While taking in the scenery, you can unwind. A VIP lounge, three twin rooms, and a seven-double stateroom are also included on the yacht for when it’s time to rest.

The Shaqs yacht’s exterior was created to make the most of every available square foot for more enjoyable activities. For instance, there is a deck area for relaxing on the front bow.

Even though it is far from the aft deck, if you want some seclusion from the superyacht, you will appreciate this area.

The exterior of the Shaq yacht has a snow room lighting system installed to give it a sleek appearance at night and illuminate the area around it.


There are only two colors in the main lounge, which gives it a minimalist feel: black and white. This location is appropriate for a more formal gathering where meetings or more formal activities can be held.

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