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Ghana Pastor baths female members naked during crossover service


A viral video that has surfaced online shows a Pastor who is believed to be from Ghana based on his Ghanaian accent , is seen publicly bathing his female church members during a live streamed church service. According to the words of the pastor, it was concluded that the bathing of the female church members was at the 2022 crossover service.

This was also confirmed by the banner spotted behind the pastor. While the main pastor bathes the church members, another man, also in suit like the head of the church, was rubbing anointing oil on them.

How it happened as seen in the video

The female church member takes off their clothes, ties a towel around their body, steps into a big bowl in front of the pastor and then she’s bathed.

After that, the lady then kneels before the other man in suit, who then rubs her body with oil.

Ghana Pastor baths female members naked

According to the pastor, the act was to cleanse the members so they could be “holy and pure”. Despite acknowledging the absurdity of his action, the pastor said he got the directive from God and he could not but carry it out. He was heard in the video saying: “Fast, fast, fast, we don’t have time.”

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On a second thought, this act is not scriptural neither does it makes sense to the normal mind. What do you think about this? Let’s here you in the comment section below


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