How to get a loan from FairMoney within 1 minutes

How To Get Loan Fast From FairMoney App

Are you looking for how to get a loan fast? Probably you have an urgent need to settle with money and you’re lost in thought of getting a reliable source that can loan you money and still affords you the freedom to pay back with easy and maintain your peace of mind? Then FairMoney is here for you. It is tested and trusted by million of global users.

Is FairMoney Legit or Scam?

FairMoney is a leading Nigerian-French FinTech company that is licensed to give out quick loans in Nigeria. They provide quick/fast loans to Nigerians without collateral. Ever since its launching into the lending sector in Nigeria, the company has earned alot of positive reviews from users. The loan is gotten via its mobile app and they offer flexible interest rates as well.


How to sign up on FairMoney app?

Signing up for FairMoney is very easy, as you can easily do that using your Facebook account. That alone reduces the need to worry about difficulty in signing up to get a loan.

FairMoney loan requirement

Listed below are the requirement to get a loan from FairMoney:

  • Basic personal information such as name and email
  • Bank Verification number (BVN)
  • Bank Account detils
  • Automated Teller Machine card (ATM card).
  • This is needed because it will be used to debit you for loan repayment.
  • A photo of you may be needed real time on the App. You can only apply for loan from the app

How to get a loan from FairMoney

Follow these steps to get a loan from FairMoney:

  • 1. Download the app

To get a loan on FairMoney, you must download the app. Without the app, it is impossible at the moment to get a loan. Currently, the app is only available for Android. There is no app for iOS, Windows or Blackberry. That means you will need to use an android phone to be able to access a loan. Go to Google Playstore to download app.

  • 2. Sign up

Immediately you have downloaded the app, the next step is to tap on it and sign up. You can sign up quickly with Facebook!

3. Answer a few question to get a loan offer

Here, you’ll have to answer few question. The answer will help the app calculate a credit score. Based on that you will get a loan offer. The offer you get will depend on a lot of factors. As you pay back your loan on time, you will have access to bigger offers.

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4. Accept loan offer

Once you get a loan offer, all you have to do is click to accept it.

5. Receive loan

Once you have accepted the loan offer, you will receive the money right away. If your loan application is rejected, you can apply again in 15 days time.

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How much can you get on FairMoney?

You can get a loan from ₦1500 to ₦150, 000. The amount you get will depend on your credit score and other factors. But as you payback your loan on time, you will have access to more funds.

What is FairMoney Interest rate?

FairMoney has a flexible and considerable interest rate. You can borrow money and pay back between 4 to 24 weeks. That means you can pay back in monthly installment. The monthly interest rates range from 2% – 28%. The maximum annual APR is 13%.

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Loan term

The loan term ranges from 4 to 24 weeks.

Repayment of loan

There are many options to repay loan. At the point of applying for loan, you have to set up your ATM debit card. All you have to do is load money in your account. Open the app, click on payment and repay. You can also repay via bank transfers or cash deposit with the following details:

Account Name: MyCredit
Bank Name: Stanbic IBTC
Account Number: 0023462495.
Please add the code given in the app to your transfer reference/description.
Make sure that you contact the customer care before and after payment to inform them.  
Take a screenshot as prof.

FairMoney Head office

Unfortunately, at the moment they do not offer in office support. We will update this post when they do.

The FairMoney customer care/support

The customer care email is [email protected]. At this moment, they do not offer phone support. This article will be updated when they do.

FairMoney App

The app is only available for Android phone. You can download it from the Google Playstore or FairMoney website. The website is fairmoney.ng

Incase you have further questions, kindly drop a comment for us below. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share this article with friends.

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