How to identify Fake human hair easily

Virtually all women today want to have at least one human hair in their collection of hairs. It seems like buying human hair is an investment of some sort. Nevertheless, the risk of buying fake human hair is higher in this time of online businesses. Here’s How to identify Fake human hair easily.

How to identify Fake human hair

How to identify Fake human hair: Many women have lost their money in a bid to purchase human hair from an online store, and this is owing to the fact that they cannot differentiate fake and authentic human hair.


These tips will definitely help you out the next time you want to purchase human hair from an online store or a traditional store.

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The basic difference between fake human hair and authentic human hair is in their texture. Natural hair has cuticles present in it. Human hair is soft, shiny and more long lasting than synthetic hair.

However you rub synthetic hair it’ll still feel soft whereas human hair feels rough when you rub it upward and smooth when you rub it downward.

2. Price

Usually, the quality of something is determined by its cost. A product that is sold at a cheap price is easily classified as low grade, while an expensive product is classified as good quality.

However, if the hair you desire to buy is being sold at an incredibly low price, then you must understand that you might be purchasing a fake human hair. These cheap human hairs are usually sold at those cheap prices in the guise of “special offers.”

3. Burning test

Though this doesn’t apply to buying human hair from an online store, it is a sure way to identify fake human hair. Fake hair melts, while human hair burns.

Human hair burns immediately it is set on fire and curls into a burning hairball, and it produces the smell of burning hair. Whereas synthetic hair melts and smells like rubber while it burns, producing black smoke.

4. Bleaching test

This is another great way to tell if your human hair is of good quality or not. It is called the bleaching test. Original human hair bleaches first class when you apply bleach on it, while fake human hair has a chance of total burn.

5. Tangles

How to identify Fake human hair

An indicator of fake human hair is tangles. Original human hair tangles a little, but synthetic hair has excessive tangling. Human hair tends to tangle more at the nape of the neck, especially when it is long.

6.Water test

Natural human hair wig is usually wavy and curls when it is wet. Spray some water on your wig and check the result. If it doesn’t curl, then it is fake. Natural human hair also bounces and is not stiff.

7. Shedding

Synthetic hair sheds more than human hair, so if your wig sheds a lot then it just might be fake human hair. Sealing the wefts of the weave will ensure that the hair stays on. Comb the tissue with a wide-tooth comb from the tips to the roots to reduce shedding.

8. Ensure To Do Your Research

It’s always enticing to see the soft, silky hairs displayed in an advert or post, but before you make a decision to buy, ensure that you have done your research about the hair.

Regardless of where you’re buying from—a well-known store or another brand—check the comments or reviews, know other people’s opinions about it. A negative review or comment will undoubtedly make you have a rethink.

How to identify Fake human hair test

How to identify Fake human hair
How to identify Fake human hair

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