How to Pass WAEC Examination without expo

Hello and welcome! I’m going to leak some highly rated tips on “How To Pass WAEC or NECO Examination” without depending on expo from your school or internet. This tips/secrets will help you prepare ahead of time on how you’ll pass your forthcoming WAEC or NECO or any external examinations.

The joy of every SS3 student is to write and pass his promotional exams (WAEC and NECO) in one sitting. It’s always sad to write WAEC twice. Considering how the economy is, you’ll just have to make your ways in order to pass.Unfortunately, the West African Examination Council (WAEC) is not your normal internal school exams set by your school teachers.

How To Pass WAEC

WAEC is a West African Standard examination. Unlike NECO that is Nigeria based, WAEC is not and so you’ll need extra efforts.The nature of the WAEC or NECO exam is multiple-choice, theory and practical. The practical examination is for science students only.You do not need to be afraid that you will fail your exams.

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The secret to passing WAEC and NECO examination are to start preparations on time and study well. Before we look into some secrets on how to pass your WAEC exams, you’ll have to settle this fact in your head; which is “I CAN DO IT” You must believe in yourself first.

You must say to yourself that I can do it. Remove all the fears you’re having about WAEC and think about the thousands of students that have made their WAEC or NECO exams. Failure shouldn’t be an option.

Quick facts about passing your WAEC

Understand the WAEC Exam format
Practice with the WAEC Syllabus
Prepare your reading Timetable
Read Your SSCE Notes
Read and Study
Practice WAEC Past Questions
Join A Group Study
Practice WAEC Questions Online
Attend WAEC Tutorials
Write WAEC Mock Exam
Eat and Exercise very well
Avoid Social Media Distractions at all cost
Believe in Yourself
Pray Always

Understand the WAEC Exam format

One of the first step to preparing for any examination is to know the format of the exam. It is necessary to know the exam format and the way to solve the questions. The questions will have its own format or presentation so you’ll have to understand this part.

WAEC or NECO has Theory and multiple-choice questions. For Science students, they’ll have practicals to write. I recommend that you follow the directives of your teachers in your secondary school. Ask questions about the WAEC exam format to get more clarification.

Practice with the WAEC Syllabus

Another early secret most WAEC candidates don’t know is that you’ll have to practice pass questions using WAEC syllabus. The WAEC syllabus is the secret to pass the SSCE exam with an excellent grade. The West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) syllabus contain topics that you must study.

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By default, every school uses the WAEC syllabus from SSS 1 to SSS3 learning. It is advisable to go through the syllabus not to omit any topic during your study. The WAEC syllabus serves as a guide to how what you should study. For example, you will know which topic to read first before going onto the next.

Prepare Your Reading Timetable

Just like you usually have reading Timetable for your internal exams, make sure you have a WAEC timetable for you to schedule your reading. It’ll help you perform well in your exam. You have to assign a different subject for each particular day. Don’t make your reading Timetable bulky, make it simple so you can achieve your goal at the end of each day.

Read according to your strength and how fast you can understand easily because there is no reward for the first person to finish the syllabus. Passing your exams in flying colours is the goal and nothing else.

Start your preparations early enough to cover the syllabus no matter what your reading pace could be. Make sure you stick to your reading Timetable and not lazy around.

Read Your Books

Reading your secondary school note is also a vital key to pass your WAEC exam. You should understand what your class teachers have thought you. Your notes will make you study well as it will help enhance your understanding as you read your textbooks.

When you are having difficulties understanding a topic, consult your old notebooks. It will help to make things easy for you. Get your old notes to study the topics in the WAEC syllabus. Also, for difficult topics, watch tutorials on YouTube and search for an explanation on Google. Besides, meet your secondary school teachers to solve your problems.

Some subjects like Mathematics and Physics may need constant practice with problems.

How to Read and Understand?

Read at a specific time every day. Attempt to solve the calculation questions in your textbooks and examples in class.Do not cram the calculations in your note or textbooks. Study your note and textbooks between lines. Understand the concepts in a page before moving to the next. Avoid social media during study hours. Learn and understand the steps for calculations.

Do not lie down when you are reading. Study in a serene environment with no form of distractions.

Plan your study ahead of time. Use mnemonics to study that helps you to recall what you read. Create a perfect study environment. Do not read text aloud when you study. Suppress every feeling of laziness. The truth of the matter is that WAEC Physics and Mathematics calculations are not hard. You need to understand the basic principle of how to solve the problems.

Practicing with WAEC Past Questions

Practicing with WAEC past questions and answers for each subject another good way of passing your examinations. If you don’t have, you can go and buy now that it’s early and start preparing ahead of time. As you practice these questions, you get familiar with how WAEC set their exam.

The theory section of the past questions will help you to know how to answer essay questions. Do not make the common mistake of cramming the answers in the past question booklet. You need to practice how to solve problems.

The purpose of the past questions is for you to learn how to tackle the questions yourself. It is necessary to get past questions and answer booklet that has an explanation for the answers.

Join or create a study group

Joining or creating a study group wi8 help you to get serious in your reading and to make you prepare well for your exam.Get a group of friends and read together each day so that you’ll start getting familiar with how WAEC set their questions.

A group study will help you to not relent on your exam preparations. Even when you feel like being lazy, other members will serve as motivation for you to study. The common problem with group study is that one or two members of the group may be unserious.

Please Look for serious-minded students who want to pass the WAEC exam with distinctions once and for all. Do not get yourself into the wrong group that would distract you from your studies.

Note that a group study is not a substitute for your private reading. The group reading should comprise about ten per cent of your preparations. Your private reading takes the bulk for you to excel in your examination.

Pray Always

Prayer is the very big key you need in addition to a you’ll do in your exam preparation. Whether you’re lazy to read or not, make sure you don’t joke with prayers because God is a miracle working God. Ask God for retentive memory as you read and ask him to guide you to read the key areas that will come out.

What is abeg app and how does it work?

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Drop a comment below so we can help you out. We wish you all the best in your forthcoming exams. Cheers!

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